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Sunday, 7 March 2010

De Maskers: Brand New Cadillac / Because I’m In Love (1965)

last dutch act for tonight, here are de maskers (aka the masks) without zz, of whom they got rid in 1965, the year they cut this very 45. i thought i ought to post this now, as jancys amazing maskers-series on wings of dream was “killed” a couple of weeks ago (small hint: it is still available with the google cache when you search for it).
the a-side is really got beat-cover if vince taylors rock&roll; classic brand new cadillac, really worth checking out. the flipside, because im in love, is the weaker track on this single and the only reason i gave it three instead of four stars. this track can be annyoing, but perhaps you will like it just that way, please try out! so much for nederbeat now, a french mini series is to follow soon…

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