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Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Music Machine: (Turn On) The Music Machine (US 1966)

The Music Machine - (Turn On) The Music Machine
Original Sound – OSR LPS 8875 (US)
one of my favourite garage rock-era albums of all time. i bought this lovely copy from an ebay seller in greece almost a year ago. not quite cheap but totally worthwhile. the cover has some faint ringwear, but thats all, otherwise both cover and record are near mint. just beautiful!

this is the stereo version of the first issue. the mono version is rarer and more sought-after, thus also more expensive. when the mono version of a record is generally valued higher than the stereo version, it is often the case that the stereo version is “fake” stereo (recorded in mono and then re-processed with sometimes disputable results) and these fake stereo recordings mostly do sound crappy.
however, in this case i do not regret my buying decision, i’d take the stereo version again and i recommend it to everyone who wants to buy an original copy of this album.
the sound is clear, crisp and powerful. a high quality recording transferred onto high quality vinyl. this one is definitely one of the best-sounding records from the mid 60s in my collection!

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Churls: The Churls (CAN 1968)

The Churls - The Churls
A&M – SP-4169 (US) promotional copy
a nice near mint copy i bought in december 2012. to be honest, this is one of the LPs i only bought because of a single track on it. the rest of the album is not bad, but doesnt kick ass as much as that one song, thus only 4 out of 5 stars for this LP.

this self-titled record of the churls is the first of two LPs the group recorded. they are from canada, but the albums were issued in the US only at the time (as far as i know), and you often find promotional copies (like this one). they obviously didnt hit the big fame, but their output is decent.

my favourite track is the third one on the second side, ‘time piece’. i added it as a youtube clip at the end of this post, and i assure you you wont be disappointed! its a heavy psych rocker i always like to put on compilations together with stuff like ultimate spinach or captain beefheart. the in my opinion second best song on the album is ‘gypsy …

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond (US 1972)

Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
Capricorn – CP 0105 (AUS)
well, this one is pretty heavy stuff – i dont listen to it very often, mostly because i am more into psych and garage rather than heavy or hard rock, but on the plus side, the heaviness of such albums when listening to them doent ‘wear off’ as soon as if you listened to them all the time, and they still really shake your bones.
theres one interesting thing about this album and about this band, as their vocalist was rod evans, who was the singer of deep purple on their first three albums (which by the way are nothing like hard rock at all, interestingly).

as i had been a great deep purple fan at the time, this is how i got to know this LP. while deep purple’s music became really heavy compared to their previous stuff, once evans had been replaced by ian gillan, and they started to define what we would eventually call hard rock, rod evans did the same thing in his new group captain beyond. no more covers of neil diamond or ike & tina turner (YES, deep purple did that. they …

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Floating Bridge – Floating Bridge (US 1969)

Floating Bridge - Floating Bridge
Vault – 124 (US)
this is another one of my very favourite albums, which i had been looking out for for quite a while and i had finally bought an original US copy in february on discogs. it shipped from australia so i had to wait some weeks until it arrived. but the waiting was totally worth it, but record and cover are in a really beautiful condition and the disc plays almost like new.

this album is the groups only output next to two 45s they released. it is a mixture of a handful of genres, certainly not meant for people who love concept albums, but i think the different styles fit well together and its nice to have a little variation while listening to an LP even if its not various-artists. there are some nice covered instrumentals that range from melodic to psychedelic, some real nitty gritty blues stuff, some really killer heavy psych fuzz numbers and some late 60s rock typical for the time to fill the gaps between all these.

although the whole album is superb in my opinion, there are four tracks i think are …

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wizard: The Original Wizard (US 1971)

Wizard - The Original Wizard
Peon – P 1069 ST (US) promotional issue
right now i call this one the jewel in the crown of my collection. i scored it one on ebay earlier this year and i was quite lucky, because although the sleeve looks a bit tatty (which to me doesnt matter at all taking its rarity into account) it looked far worse on the picture the seller had provided (see here), where it seemed all yellowish-brownish, almost like water-damaged. that way the eventual price was somewhat lower than it might have been if the cover looked alright on the pictures. yet, if you have a look at for how much this obscure gem sold just two or three years ago, it just makes one cry, as its often less than half of what i paid and for even ‘mintier’ copies. its a tough market, especially for late-borns like me.

there has been a nasty re-release some years ago using the same catalogue number as the original (how i hate this… it should be forbidden if you ask me), luckily they were friendly enough to use a different design for the labels (have a look here), …

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ruth Brown: Rock & Roll (1957)

as promised, heres the debut album of famous r&b / blues singer ruth brown. i was lucky enough to get an original copy from ’57, which makes it one of the oldest lps in my collection (naturally, all the 10″ shellac records i have are even older of course). it also is one of my favorite lps and now i will tell you why:
first of all, i like the a-side much better than the b-side. the latter contains some slow and sentimental songs like ‘sentimental journey’ (see), ‘old man river’ and ‘oh what a dream’, which are not really my cup of tea. the rest of the b-side still is good, solid r&b and a showcase for ruths beautiful voice – BUT, the a-side of this records just kicks ass, believe me! it takes a while to get hot (the opening number ‘lucky lips’ was one of ruths big hits, but personally i dont find it very interesting), but when the third track, ‘wild wild young men’, kicks off you soon will be in the mood for singing, clapping and dancing. the following number, ‘daddy daddy’ (which i also put on my ‘blues & boogie’ compilation), …

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

R.I.P. Etta James

 Etta James

25th January 1938 – 20th January 2012

i experienced great grief when i learned yesterday that etta james had died at just 73. she is one of my favourite female blues singers and was one of the last great blues ladys that are still alive.
its quite a shame but i dont have any of her records on vinyl (which i sure will have to change now!), so we have to go with a little youtube clip to remember this awesome singer and indulge our ears in that geat voice once more:

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Friday, 25 November 2011

Irma Thomas: Wish Someone Would Care / Break-A-Way (1964)

here is my first music post for a loooong time, and it is special in many other ways, too. first of all this a very big favourite of mine, and also it is the first example of girl pop that i ever posted on twenty flight rock. and telling you why i love this record so much, i will start with the b-side: i have heard this song thousands of times on the radio sung by tracy ullman (as you may know i was as unfortunate as to be born around that time, the late 20th century). i always wondered how i could like a song from the 80s that much, because except from the blues brothers (1980) i dont let anything from that decade touch my ears (im a weird kind of purist somehow). of course i wasnt surprised at all when i found out that miss ullman covered a 60s song and instantly looked for the record to add it to my collection. in fact its a pretty shame that ullmans version became so popular and this one slipped into obscurity so soon. irma thomas, the ‘soul queen of new orleans’, who is often associated with …

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Gary Walker: You Don’t Love Me / Get It Right (1966)

heres the first of the two solo 45 by walker brother gary (leeds), after i posted ‘twinkie-lee’ quite some time ago.
i must admit that this is not my favourite record, which is obvious as i only rated it three stars. the a-side is a slow, sloppy garage rocker which sounds a little boring to me, as nothing really happens throughout the whole song. the same applies to the b-side, but ‘get it right’ to me sounds even annoying – perhaps like if youd cross the monks with the fabulous wailers or something like that.
well, as i already said, i dont really like this record (cover art btw is taken from the web as my copy came without sleeve) and i only posted it for the sake of completeness, but perhaps you can take some pleasure in it.
if youre new to this blog id strongly recommend to download Twinkie-Lee / She Makes Me Feel Better aswell, as its a hell of an improvement compared to this (debut) release.

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Monday, 31 May 2010

Chicago: I’m A Man Part 1 / I’m A Man Part 2 (1969)

to continue from the spencer davis group, heres a cover of one of their most famous songs, ‘im a man’ – not to be confused with the song written by bo diddley with the same title: the bo diddley one is the one with “im a man, i spell M-A-N” and this one is “im a man, yes i am and i cant help but love you so”. just to reduce confusion!
chicago were a rock group from the city with the same name, and their version of this song is much slower and longer than the original, but in a way also a little boring. but this is also due to the poor sound quality (scratchy vinyl, sorry) we have here, so it is not really possible to fully enjoy this record. but just take it as an example of what different stuff can be made out of one and the same song.

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official website
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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ricky Nelson: Ricky Nelson, Volume 3: “Unchained Melody” (1958)

heres a lovely ep by 50s rockabilly singer and actor ricky nelson (or rick nelson, as he was called), remembered for his good looks and a great cover version of gershwins ‘summertime’, that was to inspire deep purple for their hard rock piece ‘black night’ many years later. he would have been 70 on may 8, hadnt he died in a plane crash at the young age of 45. there are several theories about this accident, one says that he and his musicians were heating cocaine on silver foil with a firelighter, which ignited petrol fumes inside the plane and made it explode. well, this again shows how lethal drugs are.
now about this record: consisting of cover material only, on the a-side we have a nice cover of ‘unchained melody’, made famous by the righteous brothers seven years later, and a cover of ‘ill walk alone’, not too bad either. i like the flipside better though, as here we have cover of ‘there goes my baby’ and ‘poor little fool’, both favourite nelson numbers of mine and definitely both worth five out of five stars. this ep is sort of a compilation, but as it was …

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Sunday, 9 May 2010

John Walker: If I Promise / I See Love In You (1967)

after posting john walkers debut lp, heres one of his early 45s, still from walker brothers times. the a-side, ‘if i promise (to be a good boy)’, is a cheery little pop numer typical for the mid-60s, and definitely the better side of this single. the flipside, ‘i see love in you’, is more or less a typical walker brothers song and thus quite trashy and simply tooooo sweet with all the string arrangements (doesnt fit the electric guitar in the background – not a bit), and so on…
welly well, the problem is the same as with the last 45 i posted, i cant decide between giving three or four stars. but as the b-side of this record is really not my cup of tea, and the a-side is nice but not outstanding, i think three should be fine. if you think not, than id be gratefull for some critical feedback!

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Eddie Cochran: My Way / Rock ‘n’ Roll Blues (1963)

‘my way’ is one of the lesser known goodies by eddie cochran, as it appeared on posthumous releases only, this being the first one in 1963, three years after his death. a really nice piece of rockabilly in the typical cochran style, you sure should not miss this one out.
the b-side, ‘rock n roll blues’, is a more conventional late 50s number, nothing youd really associate with cochran at first. nevertheless, enjoy this little pearl in memoriam of one of rock n rolls greatest heroes!

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Eddie Cochran: C’mon Everybody / Don’t Ever Let Me Go (1958)

as a little addition to my eddie cochran tribute on the anniversary of his passing last saturday, here are two 45s by the great rock&roll; idol.
this first one, ‘cmon everybody’ was eddies third hit single, the follow up to summertime blues, and was to be one of his most succesful and to this day best remembered songs. the single peaked at #35, still far higher than the following releases (#99 and #58).
i guess i dont have to say much about the a-side as it is so very popular and widely known. the b-side is a slow typical 50s style love song, not too bad but of course cmon everybody is the very highlight here.

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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Eddie Cochran: Singin’ To My Baby (HA-U2093) (1958)

after celebrating the 50th anniversary of the passing of buddy holly, ritchie valens and the big bopper last year, today is the day that, also 50 years ago, a musician who was very close to them passed away aswell. close to them, as a friend, as a just as highly acclaimed rock n roll star, and as a rock musician who was just as greatly influential on generations of artists up to now – who had to die much too young, just as the three. eddie cochran not only has a special place in music history, helping to make rock n roll and rockabilly what it eventually became, he has a special place in this blog, as of course the title ‘twenty flight rock’ is a tribute to one of my favourite 50s rock n rollers, if not the favourite one at all.

as eddie died so very young he did not produce many records during his lifetime, just about a dozen of 45s and a single lp – singin to my baby, released in late 1957. original pressings of course are extremely hard to track down and extremely expensive aswell, but i was very …

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