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Friday, 19 February 2010

Fats & The Chessmen: Come On Everybody – Let’s Do The Twist (1964)

something very different here: 50s twist and respective instrumentals revived in the mid-sixties. first of all: NO, this is NOT fats domino. fats and the chessmen were a kind of coverband, deriving from the american 101 strings orchestra. these belonged to a group of labels (miller records, and in germany somerset and europa) that produced records in any vein popular at a time, from waltz to beat to psych. musicians in those groups and orchestra constantly changed while the name 101 strings remained over 10-15 years, in which millions of records were sold. this record is a german copy from the somerset label. thanks a lot to jancy for giving me some info about this odd record!
now about this lp: whats so interesting about it is that it doesnt even sound like fats domino, not the least. the real fats wasnt even involved in twist, and this lp rather sounds like a chubby checker spoof instead. as it was just intended as some cheap dance music produced to bring some money, it isnt too sophisticated anyway, but it has its highlights – these are mainly the instrumental tracks because the vocals arent any good, imho. we …

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