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Monday, 19 April 2010

The Ultimate Trash-Party!

 catching up with commenting on current events, here finally is my report on the concert of the trashmen in dusseldorf on saturday. i originally wanted to go to the concert held in cologne, three days before, but the friends i had invited to come with me said they could not come and so i decided to go to the dusseldorf show instead because it is nearer to where i live. in the end i was glad that i had made that decision, because the stone club in dusseldorf is a much nicer location than the sonic ballroom in cologne, to which i had already been last year. the place was larger and somewhat more decent, and before the show started they played the sonics as background music – how can you dislike a club where they play the sonics??

bob reed, robin reed (trashkid #1), tony andreason, dal winslow
a short introduction to the group: the trashmen were founded 1962 in minneapolis, minnesota, three of the four members coming from a group called jim thaxter and the travelers. the original lineup was steve wahrer on drums and (lead) vocals, tony andreason on lead guitar, bob reed …

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