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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The End: Introspection (UK 1969)

The End - Introspection
Decca – SKL – R 5.015 (France)
this is one of those albums i always wanted to have and have been looking for for a long time. although it is rather unknown generally, it enjoys great popularity among record collectors and aficionados of late 60s psych – and also die-hard rolling stones fans, as it was produced by bill wyman (no need to introduce this guy ;-)).
the original UK pressings (Decca LK-R 5015) are ridiculously expensive, so they were never an option for me. the US pressings (London PS 560) are more common and affordable, but I hate those silver covers – they look terrible unless theyre in mint condition, and you rarely find those. apart from that, the white cover design simply looks much better to me. i had seen a french pressing of this album in jaarbeurs, utrecht in april for sale for about 320 euros. still a prohibitive price for me keeping in mind its not from the country the music and the group originated from.

a couple of months ago this copy turned up on ebay for less than a third (!) of that, with …

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