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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

R.I.P. Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee (born Graham Alvin Barnes)

19th December 1944 – 6th March 2013

i have seen ten years after live several times, but never alvin lee. of course i now regret that, but seemingly no one could see this coming. gosh, i cant really think of anything useful to write here right now because the news about his passing really shocked me, just that i really love his work with ten years after and that i havent paid enough attention to his solo work yet, which i will work on sometime soon.
this has been a sad day…

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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy 65th Birthday, Chick!

the first birthday post on TFR in 2011!! today its chick churchill, keyboard player of ten years after who is celebrating his 65th birthday.
to share it with you now, heres a link to his 1973 solo album :

You & Me


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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mighty Morris Ten!

look at that cool guy in his cool chequered pants… its his 65th birthday today!!! did you recognize him? yep, it is roger glover, bassist of deep purple (first in mk II and also in the current line-up), and early band mate of ian gillan. they had been in the pop/rock/mod band episode six, of which glover was a founding member and for which he wrote several songs (among them: thats all i want, mighty morris ten, sunshine girl (on this one he is also singing!!), when i fall in love, wide smiles, mr universe). at one point he told his friend ian gillan, who first was very reluctant in songwriting, that he would not talk to him again until he had written a song. well, it seems like it worked – but nevertheless glovers creative input has proved to be essential for deep purples success in rock history.

however, roger glover is not the only one celebrating today. it is also the 66th birthday of ten years after bassist leo lyons, woodstock hero and on the road for almost fifty years. happy birthday!
catching up with other events, on saturday it was the …

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Happy Birthday goes down to Middle-Earth!

now be honest – would you have recognized him on this photo? well ok, add a moustache and think of woodstock!
now thats 41 years ago, an today ric lee, the drummer of ten years after celebrates his 65th birthday.
once often overshadowed by the popularity of their former guitarist alvin lee, the other three members still show their fantastic technical skills in tremendous live performances around the globe, supported by the young and energetic joe gooch who joined in 2003.
especially their marvelous solos still rock – making early fans remember great times, and also acquiring a lot of new fans from a generation that hasnt experienced woodstock and the 60s, but is discovering their music as something totally new – just as overwhelming as in the good ol days.
now talking about solos and of course about ric lee (to those who might think that his family name is related to alvin lee – no, thats not true. in fact its sort of the other way around: “lee” is rics real last name, and alvins birth name is graham barnes), one spectacular event that is never missing in any TYA show of …

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