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Thursday, 8 December 2011

New and Running: Voxson 1202

 voxson 1202 front view hey folks, heres the result of my latest project: excavating and reactivating my dads old tv, which had spent the last thirty years in the attic collecting dust. it reappeared miraculously during our last move into our current house, and fascinated by the awesome futuristic design (by famous italian designer rodolfo bonetto) i asked my dad if i could keep it. the next three years the telly spent on a shelf in my room, simply serving as a decorative object.
i want to apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures, i mostly had to take them without flash because otherwise you couldnt see any picture on the tellys screen.
when i first turned it on i was relieved to see that it was still working and the picture tube wasnt damaged. but as theres no analogue tv program anymore i couldnt tune in any channel of course.
rear view with power cord and uhf/vhf plug so i – who didnt have any knowledge about technical things, the least tvs – did some research how to get some input signal into this old baby. first of all it was clear, that the only …

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