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Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Cousins: Bouddha / Kana Kapila (1961)

well, this surely is none of my favourite records, but in a way it is so trashy that it is incredibly funny again. the cousins were a belgian rock n twist / surf / instrumental group who released a couple of records in the early sixties.
‘bouddha’ is the better track on this 45, its a cool surf style instrumental with interesting percussion and a sharp lead guitar. the b-side, ‘kana kapila’, however is a bit annoying due to the persistent nonsense vocals sounding either like played backwards or recorded under the influence of certain substances. i dont think that this is a real language at all, as the cousins did that on several other records too (‘kili watch’ for instance) and it does sound more like funny yadda yadda.
i bought the record without cover sleeve, so the picture above is taken from the internet.

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