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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester: Raumpatrouille (Soundtrack 1966)

well folks here something that i wanted to post months ago, and i am very happy to share this nostalgic jewel with you now. i watched this series as a kid hundreds and thousands of times, so perhaps we share the same awesome memories of the european answer to star trek (which indeed first aired the same year – just a couple of days earlier!): “the phantastic adventures of the spaceship orion”.
of course this is just a soundtrack and not the original episodes, but nevertheless heres something about the series itself first – either for those who have never heard of it and might want to watch it, or for those who want to smile about the good old days again.
‘space patrol orion’ is a 7 episode sci fi series produced in germany, the first one of its kind. i grew up watching orion and it always reminds me of my childhood. i could name all the crews members when i still walked under the table: cliff allister mclane, the commander, hasso sigbjörnson, mario de monti, atan shubashi, helga legrelle and tamara jagellovsk, a special officer of the galactic security service who was assigned …

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