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Friday, 19 March 2010

Sandy Nelson: Teen Beat / Big Jump (1959)

guess what the mailman brought me today – a new 45! and not any 45, but a very special one. this is not only one of the coolest records i own, but also the oldest (by now, lets see what is still to come), pressed in 1959, with original label paper sleeve (which youll see in the un-edited scan inside the download file). what a jewel!!! im still terribly excited about this, so heres the rip that i instantly made of it.
sandy nelson will be known to most of you who are familiar with the late 50s and early 60s, but to those who dont know him yet: he was one of the most amazing drummers of that time, often to be heard on other artists recordings as a session drummer, but he also released some simly fantastic solo records, and this is one of those. it isnt only one of those, it is his very first record at all (though this is a british pressing and not american, so it doesnt really count as a first issue, but nevertheless it was issued the very same year). teen beat is one of his most famous pieces, …

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