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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Another Birthday: Rod Stewart!

no more ‘when im 64’, rod stewart got 65 today. here in germany he would now be a retiree (theyre going to rase the retiring age to 67 now, so when my time finally comes i will probably retire at 80 or so…) – but could you really imagine him sitting down to rest in a rocking chair like an old man? well i couldnt! there is a very mean episode of south park in which he is shown just like that and its terrible. so lets stop thinking about age and all that stuff and lets celebrate rods birthday with having a look (or rather an ear?) at the beginnings of his great carrier.
as i am not a fan of the pop trash that he did from the 70s on, which they played on the radio the last couple of days in relation to his birthday, i made a little selection of recordings he made before he got famous at all. i do appreciate his work with the jeff beck group and the faces a lot, but as i assume that people coming to this blog will be familiar with these groups i ommitted them.
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