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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates: A Shot of Rhythm and Blues / I Can Tell (1962)

a real classic from englands early 60s rock&roll-beat; scene, heres a marvelous cover of ‘a shot of rhythm and blues’ (first released the year before by arthur alexander) by legendary johnny kidd (born frederick alfred heath) and his pirates, who died at the young age of 30 in a car crash. although during the groups early days he had gained quite a reputation, he didnt become a devotionally worhsipped rock-myth like eddie cochran or buddy holly – and, well, just imagine going out on the street today and asking people about him. who will remember that it was him who wrote the famous song ‘shakin all over’?
among collectors and followers of the british rock&roll; scene though his work is still highly acclaimed. but by the time the fatal accident happened, the heydays of shakin all over and such were long gone and kidd was trying for a comeback. the lineup of his pirates now changed a lot, and especially the job of the bassist was vacant. many applied for it, among them the future bassist of the belgian beat group the shake spears, and the future bassist of a group that would start as ’roundabout’ – …

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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ricky Nelson: Ricky Nelson, Volume 3: “Unchained Melody” (1958)

heres a lovely ep by 50s rockabilly singer and actor ricky nelson (or rick nelson, as he was called), remembered for his good looks and a great cover version of gershwins ‘summertime’, that was to inspire deep purple for their hard rock piece ‘black night’ many years later. he would have been 70 on may 8, hadnt he died in a plane crash at the young age of 45. there are several theories about this accident, one says that he and his musicians were heating cocaine on silver foil with a firelighter, which ignited petrol fumes inside the plane and made it explode. well, this again shows how lethal drugs are.
now about this record: consisting of cover material only, on the a-side we have a nice cover of ‘unchained melody’, made famous by the righteous brothers seven years later, and a cover of ‘ill walk alone’, not too bad either. i like the flipside better though, as here we have cover of ‘there goes my baby’ and ‘poor little fool’, both favourite nelson numbers of mine and definitely both worth five out of five stars. this ep is sort of a compilation, but as it was …

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Eddie Cochran: My Way / Rock ‘n’ Roll Blues (1963)

‘my way’ is one of the lesser known goodies by eddie cochran, as it appeared on posthumous releases only, this being the first one in 1963, three years after his death. a really nice piece of rockabilly in the typical cochran style, you sure should not miss this one out.
the b-side, ‘rock n roll blues’, is a more conventional late 50s number, nothing youd really associate with cochran at first. nevertheless, enjoy this little pearl in memoriam of one of rock n rolls greatest heroes!

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Eddie Cochran: C’mon Everybody / Don’t Ever Let Me Go (1958)

as a little addition to my eddie cochran tribute on the anniversary of his passing last saturday, here are two 45s by the great rock&roll; idol.
this first one, ‘cmon everybody’ was eddies third hit single, the follow up to summertime blues, and was to be one of his most succesful and to this day best remembered songs. the single peaked at #35, still far higher than the following releases (#99 and #58).
i guess i dont have to say much about the a-side as it is so very popular and widely known. the b-side is a slow typical 50s style love song, not too bad but of course cmon everybody is the very highlight here.

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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Eddie Cochran: Singin’ To My Baby (HA-U2093) (1958)

after celebrating the 50th anniversary of the passing of buddy holly, ritchie valens and the big bopper last year, today is the day that, also 50 years ago, a musician who was very close to them passed away aswell. close to them, as a friend, as a just as highly acclaimed rock n roll star, and as a rock musician who was just as greatly influential on generations of artists up to now – who had to die much too young, just as the three. eddie cochran not only has a special place in music history, helping to make rock n roll and rockabilly what it eventually became, he has a special place in this blog, as of course the title ‘twenty flight rock’ is a tribute to one of my favourite 50s rock n rollers, if not the favourite one at all.

as eddie died so very young he did not produce many records during his lifetime, just about a dozen of 45s and a single lp – singin to my baby, released in late 1957. original pressings of course are extremely hard to track down and extremely expensive aswell, but i was very …

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Monday, 5 April 2010

The Flamin’ Groovies: Supersnazz (1969)

well this is a bit late for easter now, but heres the biiig surprise that i had announced before – and it also is something that i always wanted to post here, because it is one of the most brilliant albums of all time.
most of the tracks were written by the groups lead vocalist roy loney, but the few covers we have on this record are fantastic aswell. the flamin groovies are mostly famous for their 1976 hit ‘shake some action’ (co-produced by dave edmunds), but this was wayyyyy after this masterpiece here came out – and totally different music, as the aforementioned loney left the group in 1971 and was repleaced by chris wilson, who lead the group to the height of their success five years later but changing their style completely.
however, a real mixed-bag of styles, this is one of the 10 essential albums that id take with me on a robinson-crusoe island if i had to decide something like that. i was lucky to grab a perfectly preserved, original copy at ebay (printed in holland though), so you can enjoy a sheer marvelous sound quality here! now lets get down to …

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Friday, 19 March 2010

Sandy Nelson: Teen Beat / Big Jump (1959)

guess what the mailman brought me today – a new 45! and not any 45, but a very special one. this is not only one of the coolest records i own, but also the oldest (by now, lets see what is still to come), pressed in 1959, with original label paper sleeve (which youll see in the un-edited scan inside the download file). what a jewel!!! im still terribly excited about this, so heres the rip that i instantly made of it.
sandy nelson will be known to most of you who are familiar with the late 50s and early 60s, but to those who dont know him yet: he was one of the most amazing drummers of that time, often to be heard on other artists recordings as a session drummer, but he also released some simly fantastic solo records, and this is one of those. it isnt only one of those, it is his very first record at all (though this is a british pressing and not american, so it doesnt really count as a first issue, but nevertheless it was issued the very same year). teen beat is one of his most famous pieces, …

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

At Last the 1958 Rock and Roll Show: I Can’t Drive / Working On The Railroad (1968)

extremely recommended!!! this fantastic piece of bluesy, boogie-beat rock & roll (whatever) is the special highlight for tonight. before getting down to business, a few infos on the band first: the most famous member of this short lived combo (this 45 being their one and only release) is ian hunter (patterson) on bass, whod later gain world fame with his band mott the hoople. other members were freddie ‘fingers’ lee (piano/vocals – who already had recorded i cant drive three years before), miller anderson (guitar) and pete philips (drums). another contribution came from british pop-psych legends grapefruit who provided the driving backing vocals and jimmy duncan (nems) was the producer. later they changed their name to charlie woolfe and recorded a second 45.
the long and weird name which the group took derives from a satirical tv show on itv at the time, at last the 1948 show, featuring future monty python members graham chapman and john cleese with guest appearances of eric idle.
now about this great rock&roll; show:
i cant drive is a speedy tongue-in-cheek late 60s rock n roller you wont be able to resist, especially the groovy boogie-woogie piano work and …

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Friday, 19 February 2010

Fats & The Chessmen: Come On Everybody – Let’s Do The Twist (1964)

something very different here: 50s twist and respective instrumentals revived in the mid-sixties. first of all: NO, this is NOT fats domino. fats and the chessmen were a kind of coverband, deriving from the american 101 strings orchestra. these belonged to a group of labels (miller records, and in germany somerset and europa) that produced records in any vein popular at a time, from waltz to beat to psych. musicians in those groups and orchestra constantly changed while the name 101 strings remained over 10-15 years, in which millions of records were sold. this record is a german copy from the somerset label. thanks a lot to jancy for giving me some info about this odd record!
now about this lp: whats so interesting about it is that it doesnt even sound like fats domino, not the least. the real fats wasnt even involved in twist, and this lp rather sounds like a chubby checker spoof instead. as it was just intended as some cheap dance music produced to bring some money, it isnt too sophisticated anyway, but it has its highlights – these are mainly the instrumental tracks because the vocals arent any good, imho. we …

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