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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

It’s Ringo’s 70th birthday today!

being the oldest beatle from the final beatles lineup, ringo starr is the first of them to celebrate his 70th birthday. he was not the tallest beatle, and maybe not the loudest one, but his charms won the hearts of millions of girls in the beatlemania in the 1960s (perhaps not as much as for instance mccartney did, but lots and lots of ringo fanclubs prove it). and being their drummer, it was him who gave the fantastic rhythm to their sound.
before joining the beatles ringo had played with rory storm & the hurricanes for a while, and he eventually got in touch with them when young george harrison became interested in rorys sister. in 1962 he replaced pete best as the groups drummer and soon afterwards success would finally hit them. he has three children from his first marriage with maureen cox and today is married to ex-bond girl barbara bach.
because ringo was the last member who joined the group, there are some “fundamentalists” who say that the real beatles drummer is pete best. but if you think of how beatlemania broke out, how the group rose to the very top of pops …

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