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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ruth Brown: Rock & Roll (1957)

as promised, heres the debut album of famous r&b / blues singer ruth brown. i was lucky enough to get an original copy from ’57, which makes it one of the oldest lps in my collection (naturally, all the 10″ shellac records i have are even older of course). it also is one of my favorite lps and now i will tell you why:
first of all, i like the a-side much better than the b-side. the latter contains some slow and sentimental songs like ‘sentimental journey’ (see), ‘old man river’ and ‘oh what a dream’, which are not really my cup of tea. the rest of the b-side still is good, solid r&b and a showcase for ruths beautiful voice – BUT, the a-side of this records just kicks ass, believe me! it takes a while to get hot (the opening number ‘lucky lips’ was one of ruths big hits, but personally i dont find it very interesting), but when the third track, ‘wild wild young men’, kicks off you soon will be in the mood for singing, clapping and dancing. the following number, ‘daddy daddy’ (which i also put on my ‘blues & boogie’ compilation), …

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Yardbirds: I’m A Man / The Train Kept A-Rollin’ (1965)

here it comes: straightforward, wild rhythm & blues, just like straight from some young guys garage or basement. the yardbirds had been among my first favourite 60s bands, probably right after the beatles – and the introduction to that decade being more than just either beatles or stones (cause thats the picture you get if you grow up as much later as i did). so raunchy and down-to-earth, they incited my addiction to that mid 60s british r&b stuff – so lively and blistering!
these two songs however are just about my favourite yardbirds tracks, because they capture the early jeff beck-phase of the group in such a fantastic way. slightly leaving the blues roots and kicking off into a high-energy garage sound – oh what a blast! here we have a cover of bo diddleys classic ‘im a man’ – drenched with keith relfs edgy blues harp playing and driven forward by jim mccartys steady drum beat. still not losing the charakter that mr mcdaniel had given this song, it gets a real rejuvenating cure here by these young, energetic lads.
same goes to the b-side, a cover of ‘train kept a rolling’, originally performed …

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Monday, 31 May 2010

The Spencer Davis Group: After Tea / Moonshine (1968)

heres a cover of ‘we will be there after tea’ by the spencer davis group with steve winwood. the song was originally released by a dutch group called after tea the year before and several cover versions exist, but this is perhaps the most popular one. in their version, the spencer davis group added some slightly-psychedelic sitar instrumentation, but otherwise stuck rather closely to the original. theres another version of this song by the german group the rattles, in which they added a flute instead of a sitar. all in all this is one of my very favourite songs, in all three versions. it is cute mid- to late-sixties popsike, sure to put you in a good mood.
the b-side, ‘moonshine’ (which is also a term for illicitly-distilled liquor, but in this case i think they perhaps really mean the light of the moon), is a self-penned number taking the group back to their r&b; roots. a groovy, driving number that surely deserves five stars aswell. all in all, this is a fantastic record and i hope you like it as much as i do. sorry for the cover art looking a little awkward, but that blue …

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

At Last the 1958 Rock and Roll Show: I Can’t Drive / Working On The Railroad (1968)

extremely recommended!!! this fantastic piece of bluesy, boogie-beat rock & roll (whatever) is the special highlight for tonight. before getting down to business, a few infos on the band first: the most famous member of this short lived combo (this 45 being their one and only release) is ian hunter (patterson) on bass, whod later gain world fame with his band mott the hoople. other members were freddie ‘fingers’ lee (piano/vocals – who already had recorded i cant drive three years before), miller anderson (guitar) and pete philips (drums). another contribution came from british pop-psych legends grapefruit who provided the driving backing vocals and jimmy duncan (nems) was the producer. later they changed their name to charlie woolfe and recorded a second 45.
the long and weird name which the group took derives from a satirical tv show on itv at the time, at last the 1948 show, featuring future monty python members graham chapman and john cleese with guest appearances of eric idle.
now about this great rock&roll; show:
i cant drive is a speedy tongue-in-cheek late 60s rock n roller you wont be able to resist, especially the groovy boogie-woogie piano work and …

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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Georgie Fame: The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde / Beware Of The Dog (1967)

lovely little 45 by british r&b; singer georgie fame, born clive powell 66 years ago, his most famous backing band being the blue flames. the a-side (sorry a little scratchy) is a story-telling song about the robbery carrier of the infamous couple mentioned in the songs title (which isnt actually a ballad in the traditional sense, just like that of john and yoko). this, aswell as the appropriate cover picture, one rather reminds me of the early 70s movie the sting, starring young robert redford as a brilliantly clever trickster in the 1920s (a must-see btw). the cover is printed on some sort of brown packing paper so it was a difficult task to make the scan look like the original.
the flipside, an instrumental titled beware of the dog, continues the musical style of the a-side, just a little groovier with some auger-reminiscent organ play, accompanied by some brass instrumentation. all in all a solid rhythm and blues number that increases my rating for this record massively.

interesting links:
a fanblog – great!
georgie fame on rateyourmusic
georgie fame on last.fm

for those who havent …

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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Rob Hoeke’s R&B Group: Try To Realize / It Won’t Be Long (1968)

heres something very special for you: the greatest r&b; pianist of holland and beyond, rob hoeke and his r&b; group. theyre truely one of my favourite dutch acts and their sound is like they just had invented the boogie woogie. maybe their most famous, and i must admit also one of their very best songs is margio, a 66 a-side, of which i will trying to get hold someday, but until now i only got of their 45s, and heres the first of them.
i had some problems ripping the a-side, at least it sounds very weird, but i made sure that there was nothing wrong with my turntable so perhaps it was recorded that way. try to realize is a psychy pop number, rather untypical for the usual hoeke style. well, its not outstanding but ok, so it gets 3 out of 5 stars from me.
the b-side sounds a little scratchy im afraid, but at least we got some genuine rhythm & blues here. it wont be long in fact is a cooled-down slow blues based on hoekes groovy piano playing, well worth hearing. as i see it this one rather should have been …

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