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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

July: July (UK 1968)

July - July (promo)
Epic – BN 26416 (US) promotional issue
this LP took over ‘the original wizard’s position as the ‘crown jewel’ of my collection when i bought it this summer. i was lucky to get it for such a fair price ($174), which is mainly due to the flaws on the rear side of the cover (doesnt matter very much to me though). the vinyl, however, plays just beautifully; ranging from EX- to M-. i doubt that there are truly dead-silent copies of the US issue out there, so i guess this is about as fantastic as it gets!

as far as i know, there are 5 original issues of this record from four different countries:
UK Major Minor – MMLP 29 (mono), SMLP 29 (stereo) US Epic – BN 26416 (stereo, mostly promo copies) Brazil Musidisc – 2.177 (mono) Mexico Fresa – FL-2 (mono)
it could also be 4 different issues if you count UK mono and stereo as one issue. however, the UK issues are insanely expensive in mono as well as in stereo. a copy would eat up more than half of my monthly salary (of which i still …

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Morgen: Morgen (US 1969)

Morgen - Morgen
ABC / Probe – CPLP 4507 S (US)
hi folks! i finished my studies (with a paper on vinyl records, woohoo!) and now i have some free time after work again (havent had this for more than three years…). as i will post no more download links (things got really rough in the last couple of months/years, and i dont want to spend my life in jail, so far away from my record player…), i was thinking about what to post on this blog, as of course i dont want to take it off the net. i eventually decided to blog about new additions to my rapidly growing record collection, and here we go, this is the first post!

i won this baby on ebay shortly after christmas for a pretty fair price. as you can see it is a DJ copy, so the cover has been scribbled on to prevent the DJs or radio staff from re-selling it (what does it say, ‘beaker’? any idea anyone?). thus the cover itself has a poor grading only (i called it VG(-); depends on how much the scribbling matters to one), but the vinyl is …

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Velvett Fogg: Velvett Fogg (1969)

heres one of my VERY favourite albums, one that i wanted to post for a long time. the original vinyl was quite difficult to get, i was observing ebay auctions for a while and noticed that even canadian pressings of this (originally british) lp changed hands for some money. so i was pretty happy to get this original uk pressing for less than fifty quid.
if youve already heard of the group named velvett fogg than you do know the album too and maybe just stop reading here. if NOT, you MUST read on! so lets start with the track that makes this album so incredibly fantastic, the unbelievably awesome opening track ‘yellow cave woman’. seven-minute psychedelic brain eruption on the repetitive beats of doom, the organ from minds rock bottom. this song is such a blast, it still is too short and im sad every time its over. it may take several times listening to it until you like it, but dont give up, its awesome as hell. heres what fogg-songwriter keith law has to say about this great song:
I wrote this song and it’s guitar riff back in 1967. It was about a …

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Wonderland: Poochy / Moscow (1968)

wonderland is one of those groups that consisted of great, superstar musicians but never achieved the fame you would expect from something like a supergroup. this single however meanwhile is highly appreciated among lovers of late 60s psych and was even featured in a movie (the german early-70s-hommage called sonnenallee, which is about youths life and the suppression of music culture in the GDR) – but few know who actually is responsible for this wicked track. even if you get to know it was released by a group called wonderland, what does that tell you? who were they – a mere one hit wonder from little ol’ germany? solving this mystery takes some more detailed research – surely no problem consulting the omniscient internet (though even wikipedia for once is no help here).

wonderland was a (rather) short lived project started by two ex members of the hamburg beat group the rattles (who were at a time considered “the german beatles” and would have an enourmous hit with the witch only two years later), achim reichel (head of the group, guitar), frank dostal (vocals on this b-side) and dicki tarrach, that also involved les humphries …

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