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Friday, 25 June 2010

Farewell to Pete

 Peter Alexander Quaife

31st December 1943 – 23rd June 2010
what a day, that just this morning i was to read that pete quaife, former bassist and founding member of the kinks, died yesterday at the age of 66. i am a die-hard fan of the (pre- john dalton) kinks, and this makes me more than sad, in fact im in tears.
pete was the first original kinks member to quit the group (in 1969), but he played on all the groups famous hits from the 1960s, on all those wonderful songs from ‘you really got me’ to ‘the village green preservation society’ – the latter of which of course also is the title of the respective album, and it truely is a favourite of mine; and a favourite of petes also, as hes often quoted. this is because it was the only album by the group on which all members contributed to the songwriting, and not only ray davies, who before that had almost exclusively been resonsible for the creative processes.
in 1966 pete had an accident which forced him to take a break from the group – his substitute being his future successor, …

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