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Sunday, 9 May 2010

John Walker: If I Promise / I See Love In You (1967)

after posting john walkers debut lp, heres one of his early 45s, still from walker brothers times. the a-side, ‘if i promise (to be a good boy)’, is a cheery little pop numer typical for the mid-60s, and definitely the better side of this single. the flipside, ‘i see love in you’, is more or less a typical walker brothers song and thus quite trashy and simply tooooo sweet with all the string arrangements (doesnt fit the electric guitar in the background – not a bit), and so on…
welly well, the problem is the same as with the last 45 i posted, i cant decide between giving three or four stars. but as the b-side of this record is really not my cup of tea, and the a-side is nice but not outstanding, i think three should be fine. if you think not, than id be gratefull for some critical feedback!

interesting links:
other walker brothers stuff and their solo stuff, including johns second lp this is john walker
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Saturday, 13 March 2010

David McWilliams: Days Of Pearly Spencer / Harlem Lady (1967)

to get back to some more artists from the uk now, heres david mcwilliams one hit wonder, the days of pearly spencer. the striking elements of this wonderful sort of folk-tinged, melanchloic pop song are the beautiful string arrangements, accompanying especially the chorus that features far-away distorted vocals. but i am sure many of you will be familiar with this song, or at least one of its numerous cover versions (my recommendation: the avengers). nevertheless this ones a favourite of mine and i hope youll enjoy it.
the b-side, harlem lady, is a softer kind of pop music, somewhat sounding as if sonny & cher or the mamas & papas tried to sing a song in dylan style. no, it is not a bad song, definitely. it is just overshadowed by the amazing a-side, but youre a fan oft soft melodic pop arrangements you will surely like this one as well, especially as here are no distorted vocals.
though his days are over meanwhile (mcwilliams died aged 56), pearly spencers days keep on running and running on my turntable, definitely a timeless song that deserves more attention concerning 60s compilations and other such releases.

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Paul Jones: Thinkin’ Ain’t For Me / Softly (1967)

continuing from the previous post, here we also have a solo release by the singer of a successful group, who lost most of his fame when departing from it. paul jones had been the singer of the all too well known group manfred mann until being replaced by mike dabo in 1966 (although they both strangely look quite alike – and i did mix them up first – it was mike who was with the band at their high times, he is the guy who sang the unforgettable mighty quinn for instance). some side-facts in between: before that, jones had briefly been vocalist with alexis korners blues (!) incorporated, just as young mick jagger had been – but to be honest, i could imagine mick a hundred times more easily being with that group than jones. anyway, at the same time that jones left mann, or rather simultaneously, manfred manns bass player jack bruce left to form cream with eric clapton, and ginger baker, with whom he had played in the graham bond organization before joining the manfreds. jack bruce was replaced by the (far not as famous as he deserved) german bass player klaus voormann, best known …

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Robin Gibb: One Million Years / Weekend (1969)

to serve you some sweet pop ballads once more, here we go with a late 60s solo effort of twin-bee gee robin gibb which was his second non-bee gees release. as you can see with my rating above, i dont really like this 45, in fact i didnt even buy it. it was part of a collection that i “inherited” from my cousin, who gave me all his hard rock, prog rock, kraut rock etc records, ranging from wishbone ash to deep purple and camel – so you can guess how surprised if not shocked i was when i found this record when flipping through the singles he gave me! anyhow, i dont know if this is a rarity or not, or if there are bee gees fans around who will appreciate it – i still thought it was worth posting it, because although it is quite trashy, this trashyness has some kind of appeal that might make you like it in some ironic way; so do i think at least.
now about the music: the a-side with the epic title (ill wait for you for) one million years is the weaker part of this record, a …

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

John Walker: If You Go Away (1967)

as promised before, here we go with some rare stuff related to the walker brothers: this is the first solo lp by john walker (born john maus – “the walker brothers” actually just was a stage name as none of them really are related to each other), one of only two that he recorded in the 1960s (he would eventually go on releasing albums some thirty years later). i have searched for this record on the net for quite a while but never found it, so this is probably the first time it is postet on a music blog.
i must admit that this is not exactly my taste of music (thus i only gave it a three-star-rating), but for fans of light and slow pop ballads it might be of interest. to me this record only is interesting because it is something of a rarity (please correct me if im wrong here, i just know that from my internet research). unfortunately the record (which i bought used) is in a very bad condition, and a couple of tracks on the a-side are almost inaudible. my skills in remastering vinyl rips werent sufficient to do anything about …

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