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Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Motions: It’s The Same Old Song / Someday Child (1966)

another dutch group, this time more into the direction on nederbeat. ill be honest, this is not one of my favourite records (see rating), the vinyl is scratchy and had its center pushed out wrongly , so it was slightly moving on the turntable which gives an awful sound – no good rip at all, but i tried my best! apart form that the actual cover sleeve is missing (the picture you see here is taken from the web). but maybe therell be some readers who have nostalgic feelings for this recording. what is interesting about this 45s a-side is that it has a theme similar to under my thumb, that makes it sound a little more “serious” if you can say that. the b-side is equally awful, if not worse. its trashy, sweet 60s pop trying to sound like beat music but never gets there, especially those “la la la la la…” backing vocals soon become annyoing.
however, if you should like this one, let me know – otherwise let me know how you dislike it!

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