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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Daydream Gone

 Davy Jones

30th December 1945 – 29th February 2012

i cant find any words right now… i read about it just a couple of minutes ago and im still crying. i will add some more and the obligatory youtube vid when it gets better. R.I.P. ;-(

[edit 25th march]
sorry guys that it almost took me a month to complete this post, but you can be sure that i did not forget it but simply did have no time to do it.
anyhow, i bought a whole bunch of new monkees 45s and LPs and some of them have already arrived as you can see in the “latest acquisitions” section.
so, yes, it was quite a shock when davy died in february. the monkees were a part of my childhood, and davy sort of was my crush when i was six or seven years old :-) so it was a bitter fall-back into reality when the news came – the sixties are over, we are not young anymore and lives definitely end at some point.
i guess i havent been so affected by the …

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Friday, 29 January 2010

Davy Jones: Davy Jones (1967)

yes, this is indeed THE davy jones, singer of the monkees. but as you can see above, i gave this album only three out of five stars, and this is even generously graded. compared to this record the monkees are something like evil, dirty hard rockers i guess. well, at least it is some sort of “cute”, as jones vocals are something between school-boy and comedy singer (not to forget about the definitely cute album cover – i guess if i was twelve or thirteen now, id definitely have a crush on him). highlights on this album are any old iron, which was perhaps the only success to emerge from it, a speedy little track, that even features some guitar work (i dont know by who), and the dylan cover it aint me babe. if you like soft pop ballads you might also enjoy tracks like theme for a new love or this bouquet. this album was definitely made for the younger teens at the time, especially because jones himself was only 21 when he recorded it (the record originally was released in 1965 (a year before he became a member of the monkees) as david jones on …

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