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Saturday, 8 March 2014

My New HMV 101 Gramophone

it was in early december that i decided to look for a gramophone on ebay again. i wanted to have one for a couple of years by then, but most of my money went into records instead. and of course, with gramophones, you have to be lucky to get one for a decent price and in a decent condition.
to my surprise, during my first quick search i found a black HMV 101 on ebay starting at £110. i gave it a try, and to my even greater surprise i was the only bidder and won it for the starting price on 15th dec 2013.

the little device arrived by mail a couple of days later and i couldnt have been happier – it was SO beautiful! such a classy design, and looking absolutely fabulous even after some 80 years. of course i had already bought some steel needles and wanted to listen to some of the 78s that i had been collecting all the time without being able to play them.
even the original key for the lock was included!
as it turned out, the gramophone hadnt been serviced in …

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bachelor’s Thesis about Vinyl in the Digital Age

almost a year has passed since i got my bachelors degree, and finally the translation of the unabbreviated version of ‘Research of the Current Status of Vinyl Records in Context of the Internet’ is finished. that means i translated everything i had written for this paper in the first place …

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Saturday, 30 November 2013

More News

 the record carrying cases i had bought on ebay have arrived :-) one of them came decorated with jimi hendrix stamps by some previous owner. looks lovely, i’m gonna leave them on.

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Thursday, 28 November 2013


 hi folks, this is the pile of records i took home from the record fair at the jaarbeurs in utrecht, netherlands, last saturday. i had spent all the money i took with me in less than three hours – what a great day :-)
The Balloon Farm
7″ A Question Of Temperature

3405USA 1967 The Barbarians
7″ Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl

LR 3308USA1965 The Changin’ Times
7″ How Is The Air Up There

40341USA1965 The Count Five
LP Psychotic Reaction

Double Shot
DSS-5001USA1966 Simon Dupree & The Big Sound
7″ Kites

R5646GB1967 Kaleidoscope
7″ (promo) Tempe Arizona

5-10500USA1969 Jerry Lee Lewis
7″ Great Balls Of Fire

London American Recordings
HLS 8529 (early 60s reissue)GB1958 Postively Thirteen O’clock
7″ Psychotic Reaction

HBR-500USA1967 The Rolling Stones
7″ Paint It Black

M62-36979UDS1979 Bob Seger & The Last Heard
7″ Persecution Smith

C-465USA1966 The Electric Prunes
LP Underground

RS-6262USA1967 The Standells
LP Try It

ST 5098USA1967 The Swamp Rats
7″ Psycho

Get Hip Archive Series
GHAS-21 (2003 reissue)USA1966 The Tidal Waves
7″ (promo) Farmer …

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

What I’ve been doing all the time

 i cant believe it is almost five months since the last time i wrote a new post here… well i did not entirely spend those five months twiddling my thumbs. with kind assistance from a native-speaking friend, i started translating my paper about vinyl records into english. i had written this paper in order to get my bachelors degree, which i had finally achieved in april (writing it actually took me half a year, and i thought translating it would take less time – i could not have been more wrong, haha! well, the fact that there is no deadline for this project and that i am still working fulltime might also slighty affect how long this is taking :-)). of course i am not only translating this paper, but i am also correcting all the formal and content-related mistakes i can find, and i try to improve it in general. in the picture below you can see how far ive gotten by now. 48 pages are translated, and 42 are still left:
i have also been tidying up my record collection by moving it into another room and completely re-organizing it – now everything is in alphabetical …

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Psychedelic Intermission 3

alright folks, here i am back again. i am relieved to announce that i passed my final exam at university about two weeks ago, this means that after three and a half years of studying plus working full time in my job, for the first time i have all my free time for myself again.
just two days later i had the pleasure to spend a day at the great record fair in jaarbeurs, utrecht, where i acquired some very nice additions to my collection, and made the acquaintance of hans kesteloo, whos online radio station beyond the beat generation saves me every day from the bleak and annoying burbling of the public stations we have in this area (thanks!!!).
last saturday of course was record store day (on the same day as international marijuana day, haha…), on which i paid a visit to a nice little store named black plastic, where i usually get my records cleaned.

now, after some technical difficulties with my wordpress installation, i want to get back to writing some new posts for twenty flight rock – cheers!

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

R.I.P. Lord Sitar

Big Jim Sullivan (born James George Tomkins)

14th February 1941 – 2nd October 2012

one of the best and most underrated session guitarists there ever was. not only was he a great idol to and influence on people like ritchie blackmore and many more, he played on more than a thousand (!) charting hit singles through the years.
hats off to big jim!

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Monday, 20 August 2012

He Wore Some Flowers in His Hair

 Scott McKenzie (born Philip Wallach Blondheim)

10th January 1939 – 18th August 2012

how sad, i just read it on twitter although he already died on saturday. i followed him on facebook for quite a while and he had a lot of meaningful things to say, which i really liked to read. originally i was looking for the song “no, no, no, no, no” – which is less known but i really like it – but i couldnt find it on youtube, so i will give you his unavoidable (in a positive sense) hit single:

[EDIT] i found it:

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Monday, 30 April 2012

Psychedelic Intermission 2


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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

50 Years Ago Today

Stu is quite the iconic figure in the Beatles community and is famous for being a member of the greatest rock band in the world. This makes it quite a hardship to understand what a special person he must’ve been. The stories tell how John Lennon always admired him, seeing in him the creativity that them as artsts must’ve been a bond. When I look at his early paintings I can see the same ambition that led him jump on the bandwagon, offering him adventure unknowns musings and whatnot there, in Hamburg.

double exposure, astrids work
When the pretty boy stood on stages of those rotten environments, he was barely able to handle his instrument but took the task nevertheless, probably out of love for John and open to new experiences.

Love found it’s new ways and soon he was to meet a German photographer lady, which made him abandon (or even, liberate him from) his band, giving both the band and himself the chance of self-realisation and well.. making it. He got accepted at the Hamburg art school and the band released “My Bonnie”. Shortly after this, he passed.

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Psychedelic Intermission 1


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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Daydream Gone

 Davy Jones

30th December 1945 – 29th February 2012

i cant find any words right now… i read about it just a couple of minutes ago and im still crying. i will add some more and the obligatory youtube vid when it gets better. R.I.P. ;-(

[edit 25th march]
sorry guys that it almost took me a month to complete this post, but you can be sure that i did not forget it but simply did have no time to do it.
anyhow, i bought a whole bunch of new monkees 45s and LPs and some of them have already arrived as you can see in the “latest acquisitions” section.
so, yes, it was quite a shock when davy died in february. the monkees were a part of my childhood, and davy sort of was my crush when i was six or seven years old :-) so it was a bitter fall-back into reality when the news came – the sixties are over, we are not young anymore and lives definitely end at some point.
i guess i havent been so affected by the …

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back for Good

 gday folks! i know its been a WHILE since i last posted on tfr, but let me tell you these were some pretty tough times. i quit my old job and started a new one, simoultaneosly i moved into a new flat which is nearer to my new workplace (gosh, can you imagine how exhausting it was to move my entire record collection of 300 lps and over 200 45s? :-). afterwards there were two term papers and a couple of tough exams to be written – but now i am relaxed and happy at home in my new flat and preparing new music posts for you! :-)

next will be another awesome blues lady – it should be etta james, really, but as i already said i dont have any records of her, so it will be another fantastic mama (and alltime favorite of mine): miss ruth brown! apart from that i noticed that i still owe you the rest of the “rock sessions” volumes, so i will add them one by one during the next few weeks.

another important thing to mention: as you might have noticed the “authorities” closed down megaupload a …

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

New and Running: Voxson 1202

 voxson 1202 front view hey folks, heres the result of my latest project: excavating and reactivating my dads old tv, which had spent the last thirty years in the attic collecting dust. it reappeared miraculously during our last move into our current house, and fascinated by the awesome futuristic design (by famous italian designer rodolfo bonetto) i asked my dad if i could keep it. the next three years the telly spent on a shelf in my room, simply serving as a decorative object.
i want to apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures, i mostly had to take them without flash because otherwise you couldnt see any picture on the tellys screen.
when i first turned it on i was relieved to see that it was still working and the picture tube wasnt damaged. but as theres no analogue tv program anymore i couldnt tune in any channel of course.
rear view with power cord and uhf/vhf plug so i – who didnt have any knowledge about technical things, the least tvs – did some research how to get some input signal into this old baby. first of all it was clear, that the only …

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

R.I.P. Keef Hartley

 Keith “Keef” Hartley

8th April 1944 – 27th November 2011

hartley worked as a drummer for rory storm and the hurricanes, the artwoods and john mayall. he passed away on sunday after complications from surgery at the age of 67. here is the in memoriam note by john mayall:

I got the sad news (27Nov11) that Keef Hartley died of complications from surgery last Sunday. When I think back to all the adventures we had over the years, both on and off the road, it seems hardly possible that my friend of so many years will not be showing up to sit in with any of my bands in the future. His sense of fun and love of life will always remain in my thoughts as special memories. Boy did we have fun! So long my friend, I will miss you.
here is a track from his first album with the keef hartley band:

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