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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Voodoo Child

 James Marshall Hendrix

27th November 1942 – 18th September 1970
now this is a special day that is not only celebrated on tfr. today it is exactly 40 years ago that jimi hendrix died at the age of 27. i guess i dont have to introduce him, because even people who are not interested in music know his name (think of how few artists accomplished that).
instead of repeating the endless worshipping phrases that you hear so often these days – as seemingly anyone wants to say something about this “mythical” guitar god – my present for you today is the classic piece of art above (just click the picture to see / download it in full resolution). as the original is hanging on my wall and FAR too large for scanning, this is a photo that i took of the poster, and i tried to retouch it a little so that it looks fine.
now instead of ‘star spangled banner’ or ‘hey joe’ (which are the songs i guess i heard most on the radio these days), heres a personal favourite of mine: ‘voodoo child’:

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