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Saturday, 13 March 2010

David McWilliams: Days Of Pearly Spencer / Harlem Lady (1967)

to get back to some more artists from the uk now, heres david mcwilliams one hit wonder, the days of pearly spencer. the striking elements of this wonderful sort of folk-tinged, melanchloic pop song are the beautiful string arrangements, accompanying especially the chorus that features far-away distorted vocals. but i am sure many of you will be familiar with this song, or at least one of its numerous cover versions (my recommendation: the avengers). nevertheless this ones a favourite of mine and i hope youll enjoy it.
the b-side, harlem lady, is a softer kind of pop music, somewhat sounding as if sonny & cher or the mamas & papas tried to sing a song in dylan style. no, it is not a bad song, definitely. it is just overshadowed by the amazing a-side, but youre a fan oft soft melodic pop arrangements you will surely like this one as well, especially as here are no distorted vocals.
though his days are over meanwhile (mcwilliams died aged 56), pearly spencers days keep on running and running on my turntable, definitely a timeless song that deserves more attention concerning 60s compilations and other such releases.

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