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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Aphrodite’s Child: I Want To Live / Magic Mirror (1969)

aphrodites child were a greek rock group with progressive tendencies who formed in the late 60s, who released three LPs in total. theyre mostly remembered for an epic song called its five o clock, that was featured on an album with the same title in 1968.
this 45 however cant really compare with their more successful numbers, but its not bad either. the a-side is a rather overblown, soppy ballad – but that is just my humble opinion, so probably youll like it much better than i do.
magic mirror goes a little more psychedelic and to me its far better than the a-side. some nice organ work including a fine solo make it a decent piece of late 60s psych-rock/pop.
finally i must recommend their first and second LPs called end of the world and its five i clock, which features, apart from some nicer ballads than i want to live, some really freaked out and interesting material (you can listen to let me love let me live (#68) on the jukebox). you can find them at twisted perceptions. i wouldnt recommend the third LP 666, unless you like really far-out and abstract prog.
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