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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Golden Earring: Back Home / This Is The Time Of The Year (1970)

to continue my mini series of dutch psych-prog of last week, please now enjoy a fantastic 45 by the most famous dutch rockers ever! no, radar love was NOT their best song, to me it is one of their most boring songs at all. before having the aforementioned hit, golden earring did some pretty fine harder and less hard rock numbers, always regognizable with the flute playing which was somehow characteristic for several dutch rock and garage bands. this records is a single release from their self-titled album from 1970, which also is my personal favourite.
the a-side, back home, is one of those harder numbers, similar to les variations or early slade, but very far from later glam rock. a perfect example for how a flute and hard rock fit together, and a great early 70s rock number in general, definitely a must-hear.
this is the time of the year is the 45s flipside and much calmer, but basically following the same style. it is a nice example for the earrings skill for soft slightly melancholic rock ballads. all in all this single gets full five out of five stars in my rating, it is …

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