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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Georgie Fame: The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde / Beware Of The Dog (1967)

lovely little 45 by british r&b; singer georgie fame, born clive powell 66 years ago, his most famous backing band being the blue flames. the a-side (sorry a little scratchy) is a story-telling song about the robbery carrier of the infamous couple mentioned in the songs title (which isnt actually a ballad in the traditional sense, just like that of john and yoko). this, aswell as the appropriate cover picture, one rather reminds me of the early 70s movie the sting, starring young robert redford as a brilliantly clever trickster in the 1920s (a must-see btw). the cover is printed on some sort of brown packing paper so it was a difficult task to make the scan look like the original.
the flipside, an instrumental titled beware of the dog, continues the musical style of the a-side, just a little groovier with some auger-reminiscent organ play, accompanied by some brass instrumentation. all in all a solid rhythm and blues number that increases my rating for this record massively.

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