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Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Music Machine: (Turn On) The Music Machine (US 1966)

The Music Machine - (Turn On) The Music Machine
Original Sound – OSR LPS 8875 (US)
one of my favourite garage rock-era albums of all time. i bought this lovely copy from an ebay seller in greece almost a year ago. not quite cheap but totally worthwhile. the cover has some faint ringwear, but thats all, otherwise both cover and record are near mint. just beautiful!

this is the stereo version of the first issue. the mono version is rarer and more sought-after, thus also more expensive. when the mono version of a record is generally valued higher than the stereo version, it is often the case that the stereo version is “fake” stereo (recorded in mono and then re-processed with sometimes disputable results) and these fake stereo recordings mostly do sound crappy.
however, in this case i do not regret my buying decision, i’d take the stereo version again and i recommend it to everyone who wants to buy an original copy of this album.
the sound is clear, crisp and powerful. a high quality recording transferred onto high quality vinyl. this one is definitely one of the best-sounding records from the mid 60s in my collection!

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Yardbirds: I’m A Man / The Train Kept A-Rollin’ (1965)

here it comes: straightforward, wild rhythm & blues, just like straight from some young guys garage or basement. the yardbirds had been among my first favourite 60s bands, probably right after the beatles – and the introduction to that decade being more than just either beatles or stones (cause thats the picture you get if you grow up as much later as i did). so raunchy and down-to-earth, they incited my addiction to that mid 60s british r&b stuff – so lively and blistering!
these two songs however are just about my favourite yardbirds tracks, because they capture the early jeff beck-phase of the group in such a fantastic way. slightly leaving the blues roots and kicking off into a high-energy garage sound – oh what a blast! here we have a cover of bo diddleys classic ‘im a man’ – drenched with keith relfs edgy blues harp playing and driven forward by jim mccartys steady drum beat. still not losing the charakter that mr mcdaniel had given this song, it gets a real rejuvenating cure here by these young, energetic lads.
same goes to the b-side, a cover of ‘train kept a rolling’, originally performed …

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Gary Walker: You Don’t Love Me / Get It Right (1966)

heres the first of the two solo 45 by walker brother gary (leeds), after i posted ‘twinkie-lee’ quite some time ago.
i must admit that this is not my favourite record, which is obvious as i only rated it three stars. the a-side is a slow, sloppy garage rocker which sounds a little boring to me, as nothing really happens throughout the whole song. the same applies to the b-side, but ‘get it right’ to me sounds even annoying – perhaps like if youd cross the monks with the fabulous wailers or something like that.
well, as i already said, i dont really like this record (cover art btw is taken from the web as my copy came without sleeve) and i only posted it for the sake of completeness, but perhaps you can take some pleasure in it.
if youre new to this blog id strongly recommend to download Twinkie-Lee / She Makes Me Feel Better aswell, as its a hell of an improvement compared to this (debut) release.

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Q65: Sexy Legs / There Was A Day (1970)

its quite a while ago now that i posted some nederbeat here, right? so here we go with another record by my favourite dutch rockers q65. although this still is “neder” it is not really beat anymore, neither id call it garage rock.
the a-side is a solid, driving blues rock number, that gets a lot of its drive from bielers rough vocals like from the first garage recordings four years ago. a tough number, five stars worth!
the flipside, ‘there was a day’, is much more sophisticated. a slow, pensive ballad about changes in life and the challenges of marriage – that become easy with the supporting power of love: “and i like it, because my wife, is very good for me.” very beautiful, and of course also five stars worth. dig it!

additional info on this record and reviews from readers

Finally got ’round to listening to this. The a side is a good blues-rocker for sure, but it’s the b-side I find so striking — rock-n’rollers celebrating marriage while acknowledging it’s difficulty! Rather unusual! The first minute is very much English …

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Sunday, 28 February 2010

After Tea: A Little Bit Today, A Little Bit Tomorrow / Blues Ride (1969)

the last dutch nugget for tonight, heres a killer 45 by late 60s after tea. the a-side is a quite elaborated number that alternates between almost sinister psychedelic guitar licks and somewhat more popish vocals. not 100%, but still a very good song.
the b-side, however knocks it all off. a slow, killing blues number that continues that “sinister” feeling that i described the a-sides guitar theme with. a six minutes psychedelic blues blaster, this stuff is well worth checking out, as it comes very close to the style of brainbox and such likes, definitely far away from lemon coloured honey tree and showing the bands developement away from beat and sunshine pop toward some harder and more progressive sounds.
so much for now, you may expect slightly less posts from now on as my holidays are over and my studies start again, so free time is limited now, as is my time for working on this blog. please come and visit the site despite that, i will not be gone completely! see you next weekend with some mixed-bag stuff…

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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Q65: I Despise You / Ann (1966)

this is the third release of my beloved dutch garage rockers, but it is also one of their weakest ones, i must admit. especially the a-side is very primitive (in a boring sense), repetitive and the instrumental parts have a wall-of-sound character. the whole song doesnt offer many surprises, but nevertheless shows the groups humble beginning very well.
the b-side, ann, however is quite far off the usual q65-style. a soft and slow love ballad with some moody harp playing. not really “garagy”, but nice – 60s pop, so to speak. all in all this 45 has more historical than musical value, but perhaps you like it better than i – so check it out!

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Gary Walker: Twinkie-Lee / She Makes Me Feel Better (1966)

this is not going to be a series on walker brothers solo efforts, but as i wanted to post this one anyway (because gary is my favourite walker brother, musically) and as it is related to the previous post, heres a fine solo 45 by walker brother gary leeds.
the a-side is a sax-driven beat number that id even call a little reminiscent of some certain well known belgian beat group with rhodesian roots (a series on them is to come soon). a more obvious similarity is the saxophone melody that appears almost exactly that way in champion jack duprees barrelhouse woman a year later (1967), but i think its a bit far fetched to draw connections here. The b-side is a more typical garage song with the sound of mid sixties american high school bands; not too bad, but i still prefer the a-side. as i got this one without the original cover youll only get a picture taken from the net here.
gary walker later also released an entire lp (in 1968) with a backing band called the rain, simply entitled album no. 1 – fantastic mellow and obscure british psychedelia. definitely one of …

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Monday, 14 December 2009

Q65: The Life I Live / Cry In The Night (1966)

this was the second release by q65, and i dont hesitate to call the tremendous b-side cry in the night the best song they ever made. bielers frenzy vocals and the haunting guitar riff make this track an excellent showcase of dutch beat from the 60s, that doesnt need to stand back behind compatriot successes like shocking blue or golden earring.
the a-side, the life i live, is a little calmer but none the less a fantastic piece of mid 60s european garage. it is even a little more into psych-beat than into plain garage, if there wasnt the raunchy blues harp providing the craggedness of a genuine basement tune.

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Monday, 14 December 2009

Q65: You’re The Victor / And Your Kind (1966)

here we have the debut single of the amazing dutch garage / nederbeat group q65. it is not as great as their following releases, but a nice garage tune nevertheless. the fast beat and pacing rhythm of the a-side fits great to the r&b-style; blues harp work accompanying willem bielers grooving, resonant vocals.
the track though suffers a little from too much treble and some noise due to the condition of the vinyl (sorry, i tried my humble best to remaster it). the b-side sounds a little better, but not significantly.
and your kind is slower and more leisurely than its flipside, but still very catchy – youll soon be singing along to this cute little beat number.

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