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Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Shake Spears – Biography of a 1960s pop group

Chris Kritzinger, Alan Escombe, Brian Bastow and Johnny Kreuger, 1966 or 67
 [updated in June 2017]
I had started this project several years ago and I hadn’t worked on it for a long time – but now I am happy to publish this post, finally. It is about one of my favourite bands from the 1960s, one that is sometimes considered “obscure”, and there’s very little information about them on the internet. I wanted to change that, and I was lucky to have one of the original band members among my friends. I first got in touch with Alan Escombe in 2009. We have exchanged many emails and messages, and he has become a close friend of mine. Great parts of the following text are based on our email and Facebook conversations that took place between 2009 and 2014, and the rest is based on several different websites with bits and pieces of information on the Shake Spears and their records. The most important sources were memoire60-70.be, a great website managed by Jean Jième, the Shake Spears’ former manager, and rhodiemusic.com.
I want to thank Jean at this point for all the great work he put into that website, and for the photos in this post that are used by …

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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Grapefruit: C’Mon Marianne / Ain’t It Good (1968)

completely changing the subject, heres some lovely british psych-pop by one of my favourite groups: grapefruit – formerly known as ‘the grapefruit’ (named after yoko onos infamous book). their most famous song was ‘dear delilah’ (to follow soon, i didnt have time to rip it yet), and their debut album ‘around grapefruit’ is legendary, most of the material being written by the groups bassist george alexander, born alexander young (his brother george young being a founding member of the easybeats, brothers malcom and angus young being founding members of AC/DC). one of the two swettenham brothers, geoff (drums), later joined the mysterious but just as legendary 70s prog band fynn mccool.

the nice psychedelic cover art is more than obviously “stolen” from pink floyds ‘the piper at the gates of dawn’! but now about the music:
‘cmon marianne’ is a fast, driving and cheery song with a dynamic drum beat, fresh and lively brass accompaniment and sweet beatlish background vocals. perfect to lift up your mood when feeling down!
sorry for the noise on the b-side, this is the best that i could make out of the original rip. ‘aint it good’ (written …

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