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Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Hollies: Gasoline Alley Bred / Dandelion Wine (1970)

a late 45 by british beat legends the hollies. not as good as their 60s efforts, and neither as cool as their 70s hits (think of ‘long cool woman in a black dress’ for instance) – but still not bad, as the group itself simply is a great one.
the a-side was written for them by the famous songwriter duo cook-greenaway, and to me its the better track of this release. its a slow, folk-tinged pop song with hollies-typical vocal harmonies – just lovely.
dandelion wine too is a slow pop song, but its rather boring and the harp playing is more annoying than charming. the song pulls down my rating for this 45 a bit – the a-side is better than only three stars, but for some reason i did not copy any three-and-a-half stars images.
anyhow, enjoy this nice little 45 and of course the lovely cover photo!

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

David McWilliams: Days Of Pearly Spencer / Harlem Lady (1967)

to get back to some more artists from the uk now, heres david mcwilliams one hit wonder, the days of pearly spencer. the striking elements of this wonderful sort of folk-tinged, melanchloic pop song are the beautiful string arrangements, accompanying especially the chorus that features far-away distorted vocals. but i am sure many of you will be familiar with this song, or at least one of its numerous cover versions (my recommendation: the avengers). nevertheless this ones a favourite of mine and i hope youll enjoy it.
the b-side, harlem lady, is a softer kind of pop music, somewhat sounding as if sonny & cher or the mamas & papas tried to sing a song in dylan style. no, it is not a bad song, definitely. it is just overshadowed by the amazing a-side, but youre a fan oft soft melodic pop arrangements you will surely like this one as well, especially as here are no distorted vocals.
though his days are over meanwhile (mcwilliams died aged 56), pearly spencers days keep on running and running on my turntable, definitely a timeless song that deserves more attention concerning 60s compilations and other such releases.

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Michel Polnareff: Sous Quelle Étoile Suis-Je Né? (EP 1966)

in addition to the lp by michel polnareff i posted last week, heres the respective ep to that record. it contains no non-album tracks, and the sound quality is no different from the rip that i posted last time, so it is rather the pretty cool cover you get here.
just look at these glasses, man! thats just the kind that i always wanted to have… but as this mini-series will go on (lots of eps to follow), you will soon see that michel polnareff anyway was extremely creative and inventive in making a showy and flamboyant appearance especially in the 70s – sometimes with even bigger sunglasses!
on the back cover of this ep you can see the previously posted lp in its original issue from 1966 by the way. stay tuned for more such goodies!

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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Michel Polnareff: Sous Quelle Étoile Suis-Je Né? (1966)

TFR goes french again! this lp has also been announced many times before, but here it finally is. i must admit that i cheated a little with this record, as the vinyl i ripped it from is in fact a 1979 reissue, the first volume of a polnareff reissue series focusing on his early work (catalogue no is stec 290 on the AZ label, which also released the original polnareff records). i am sorry but theres a little noise on the tracks, the vinyl was not in perfect shape when i recieved it. the cover picture is identical, except that the reissue has polnareffs name on it additionally, in the top left corner, which i removed on the cover scan so that it looks exactly like the ’66 original. the tracklist differs just a little, track 7, ballade pour un puceau, is not featured on the original lp but on this one – so you dont miss anything, you get something extra!
no about the music on this lovely record: the title track is a smooth and calm ballad with some energetic moments, just in the style of the ep i posted before. and just as before …

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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Michel Polnareff: Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta (1967)

still french, but very different. this four track ep is somewhat of the icing on the french cake that i made for you this time. i must admit that this is the only record by french singer michel polnareff that i have, but also i admit that i instantly loved it. it is neither pop nor rock, it is just these beautiful, crystal clear vocals with modest acoustic accompaniment – like a non-commercial jacques dutronc with artistic ambitions.
the first track on the a-side, which is also the title track, is the most lively track of the whole record and also my very favourite one. again, i cant tell you a thing about the lyrics because i dont speak a word of french, but this song just captured me. i love the driving, straightforward and uplifting chorus aswell as the beautiful violin accompaniment (which also provides the main melody, very nice) – ten out of five stars, this is awesome!
the second track has a very long title that puzzles me a lot – but apart from that this a beautiful, mellow ballad you will surely enjoy despite not understanding the lyrics (unless you do of …

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Friday, 29 January 2010

The Seekers: Come The Day (1966)

the seekers were a short lived australian pop group mainly famous for their hit georgy girl, which is also included on this lp. the title track which is opening the album, come the day, is a nice and cheery pop song with judith durham on lead vocals (which is the case on most of the albums tracks), who had a really good voice, especially when accompanied by here male band mades in vocal harmonies. other highlights on the a-side are the covers of red rubber ball and well well well, while the b-side, apart from the unevitable georgy girl (which is… well, ok. but the seekers are far more than youd expect from just that song – at least this is the experience that i made when first listening to this record) features some more well-known covers like the bealtes yesterday, pete seegers (or perhaps i should rather say rather the byrds) turn turn turn and california dreaming, which just adds to the overall impression of this album being a down-under version of the mamas and the papas.
the same year that come the day was released on the columbia label, the lp titled georgy girl appeared …

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