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Monday, 5 April 2010

The Flamin’ Groovies: Supersnazz (1969)

well this is a bit late for easter now, but heres the biiig surprise that i had announced before – and it also is something that i always wanted to post here, because it is one of the most brilliant albums of all time.
most of the tracks were written by the groups lead vocalist roy loney, but the few covers we have on this record are fantastic aswell. the flamin groovies are mostly famous for their 1976 hit ‘shake some action’ (co-produced by dave edmunds), but this was wayyyyy after this masterpiece here came out – and totally different music, as the aforementioned loney left the group in 1971 and was repleaced by chris wilson, who lead the group to the height of their success five years later but changing their style completely.
however, a real mixed-bag of styles, this is one of the 10 essential albums that id take with me on a robinson-crusoe island if i had to decide something like that. i was lucky to grab a perfectly preserved, original copy at ebay (printed in holland though), so you can enjoy a sheer marvelous sound quality here! now lets get down to …

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