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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Slowhand’s 65 – Happy Birthday to Eric Clapton

todays the the – 30th march 2010 – that the worlds most famous and too many also the best of all blues guitarists celebrates his 65th birthday. clapton himself always denied the meanwhile legendary claims that he was a god, but if i (as an atheist) was to found a religion, well he probably would be something like that. especially because he played in a band that since my childhood had been as important to me as perhaps the beatles: the yardbirds.
i am not talking about the pop-mainstream ‘for your love’-yardbirds, im rather talking about the ‘five live’-yardbirds, who were still down to earth and, well, down to blues of course. in the little early-clapton package that i put together there are two yardbirds records from those days, ‘live! blueswailing july 1964’, their first official lp ‘five live yardbirds’ from the same year and a sampler entitled ‘for your love’ (which was actually the very last yardbirds song on which he played) containing mostly the clapton material released on 45s by the yardbirds. additionlly, theres another, lesser-known gem, a recording the yardbirds did together with blues legend sonny boy williamson II in december 1963, which wasnt …

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