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Monday, 31 May 2010

The Equals: Softly, Softly / Lonely Rita (1968)

heres a little gem by a one-hit-wonder group mainly famous for their singular succes ‘baby come back’ – the equals. funny enough the group were discovered by gene latter, the singer of the british/rhodesian pop group the shake spears – a group that you will be hearing a lot about when i start my series on them this summer.
the a-side, ‘softly, softly’ does sound much like the style of their aforementioned hit, a driving pop number that should not be missed, although it is not that outstanding that it could change your life.
now about the b-side, which the gem i was talking about. ‘lonely rita’ (has nothing to do with the beatles ‘lovely rita’, although it is sometimes missspelled that way), is a late-60s psych-pop monster with a haunting chorus that will dig itself deeply into your ears. marvelous!!! as for me, i had known only one of their albums before (‘unequalled’ from 1967, which contains ‘baby come back’), which didnt appeal much to me, so i was more than just surprised when i first heard unexpected, awesome number – lonely rita come inside, have a cup of tea and sit by my …

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