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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond (US 1972)

Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
Capricorn – CP 0105 (AUS)
well, this one is pretty heavy stuff – i dont listen to it very often, mostly because i am more into psych and garage rather than heavy or hard rock, but on the plus side, the heaviness of such albums when listening to them doent ‘wear off’ as soon as if you listened to them all the time, and they still really shake your bones.
theres one interesting thing about this album and about this band, as their vocalist was rod evans, who was the singer of deep purple on their first three albums (which by the way are nothing like hard rock at all, interestingly).

as i had been a great deep purple fan at the time, this is how i got to know this LP. while deep purple’s music became really heavy compared to their previous stuff, once evans had been replaced by ian gillan, and they started to define what we would eventually call hard rock, rod evans did the same thing in his new group captain beyond. no more covers of neil diamond or ike & tina turner (YES, deep purple did that. they …

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Monday, 16 July 2012

One More Rainy Day – R.I.P Jon Lord

 Jonathan Douglas Lord

9th June 1941 – 16th July 2012

just got the news… what an immense loss! last november i went to see jon lords blues project with brian auger filling in for jon, and i hoped that the time would come when i could see the genius himself live and in person. but it wasnt meant to be, and so now i share deep grief with millions and millions of deep purple fans. heres one of the songs that first got me to like deep purple, and its a beautiful showcase for jons work with mark I:

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Congratulations to a Genius


happy 70th birthday, jon lord!

he wasnt only one of the founding members of the group that came to life as ’roundabout’ and evolved into deep purple in early 1968, he was one of the creative initiators behind the whole concept. jon shared a flat with the searchers ex-drummer chris curtis around 1967, who had the idea of a group with constantly fluctuating members, like the cars in a roundabout. auditions were held to recruit members, and when the first lineup (referred to as MK I) was complete the ’roundabout’ concept soon was dropped, so was the name.
in 1968 and 69 deep purple MK I released three albums (‘shades of deep purple’, ‘the book of taliesyn’ and ‘deep purple’ – the latter of which is my favourite) that show the brilliant results of the (then) fruitful collaboration between rod evans as a songwriter and singer and jon as a composer (being the only band member who enjoyed a classical training in music) and pianist/keyboarder. especially on their third album there are really beautiful compositions that you could perhaps best describe as melodic art rock – for instance ‘blind’, ‘chasing shadows’ and the incredible masterpiece ‘april’. …

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mighty Morris Ten!

look at that cool guy in his cool chequered pants… its his 65th birthday today!!! did you recognize him? yep, it is roger glover, bassist of deep purple (first in mk II and also in the current line-up), and early band mate of ian gillan. they had been in the pop/rock/mod band episode six, of which glover was a founding member and for which he wrote several songs (among them: thats all i want, mighty morris ten, sunshine girl (on this one he is also singing!!), when i fall in love, wide smiles, mr universe). at one point he told his friend ian gillan, who first was very reluctant in songwriting, that he would not talk to him again until he had written a song. well, it seems like it worked – but nevertheless glovers creative input has proved to be essential for deep purples success in rock history.

however, roger glover is not the only one celebrating today. it is also the 66th birthday of ten years after bassist leo lyons, woodstock hero and on the road for almost fifty years. happy birthday!
catching up with other events, on saturday it was the …

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

65 Years – a ‘Good Old Boy’!

as a tribute to one of my favourite rock bands, lets celebrate the 65th birthday of nick simper – who most of you most likely wont know. he was a founding member of deep purple and their bass player until being replaced by roger glover in summer 1969. but even before that he wasnt unknown in englands music scene of the 1960s. after playing in several rock & roll bands in the early 60s he joined johnny kidd and the pirates in 1966, just shortly before kidd died in a car crash on 7th october. nick himself had been in the car when the accident occured, but survived injured. he kept playing with the pirates until 1967, when he joined the flower pot men and their garden, where he met jon lord with whom he joined deep purple in early 1968.
after recording three albums with the group he was thrown out alongside singer rod evans in mid 1969. in 1970 he teamed up with screaming lord sutchs “heavy friends” (among others those were: ritchie blackmore, noel redding, matthew fisher, carlo little and keith moon) for an all-star show that was recorded live and released two years …

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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Episode Six: Here, There And Everywhere / Mighty Morris Ten (1966)

this is a kind of re-up, but not really. i posted this record before, but without cover art. i have an original english pressing, with a company sleeve, and now i also have a german pressing – with original picture cover! if anyone has ever tried to collect original covers of episode six records, he will know how terribly rare and expensive they are. both records play in exactly the same quality, so if you downloaded the other rip before you will not notice that its a new rip i post here.
now for those who missed the first post, heres what i wrote about this record before on 20th february:

have you ever heard ian gillan, singer of hard rocking deep purple, sing a sweet melodic beatles cover? well, heres your chance! from 1965 right until joining purples second incarnation in summer 1969, episode six was the group that gillan and his mate roger glover (who also was a founding member) were part of, as lead singer and bass player respectively. they only relased a couple of singles and played a few times at the bbc (once filling in for pink …

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Episode Six: I Can See Through You / When I Fall In Love (1967)

concerning the time of its release, ‘here there and everywhere’ would have been more appropriate to post now, as it was released on just this day 44 years ago (19th august 1966 – ian gillans 21st birthday). but due to the order in which i bought the records this ones the one thats left at the moment (episode six records are quite rare to get and also rather expensive (and of those with original picture cover one can only dream – thus of course this cover is taken from the web, i could only scan the bare record for you).
however, ‘i can see through you’, is perhaps the most beautiful song written by roger glover. bright, colorful beat music in the vein of mid-to-late 60s british psych-pop with gorgeous male-female vocal harmonies and of course gillans soft, clear voice – still “unspoilt” by hard rock and heavy metal (cigarettes and alcohol included). the song contains a rather harsh instrumental bridge that i find a little annoying, but the cute flute sequence that follows it opening another (extended) chorus outweighs it all. what can i say, this song simply makes me feel good. go and try it …

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sweet Child in Time, You’re 65

who was born on the 19th august? in 1943 it was william howard ashton, better known as billy j kramer, and in 1945 on this day a guy named ian gillan was born – and, yes, thats his real name.
born to a glaswegian father and an english mother, in his teens ian first wanted to be a film star at any cost. like elvis had done it, he tried to enter the film business through music business. his first professional band were the javelins, whom he joined in 1962 and left two years later.

at the age of twenty he joined the first group that actually recorded and released records, episode six. ian shared keyboard and vocal duties with the groups female singer sheila carter, and on 21st january 1966 he appeared on ‘put yourself in may place’ / ‘thats all i want’ – together with a musician who would accompany him throughout large parts of his musical career: roger glover (who also wrote the b-side of that 45, and most of the other episode six songs). episode six released nine singles in total, and plans for an album were aborted …

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Friday, 16 April 2010

Deep Purple: Sitar (Bootleg, circa 1970)

as i promised, heres some really heavy duty hard rock stuff to complete my tribute to ritchie blackmores birthday before honoring another great rock star tomorrow.
the date this double lp bootleg was recorded is unknown, but as it is a mk II recording it must have been between 1970 and 1972, more likely around 1970, as it features two numbers from the usual mk I set that the famous gillan/glover lineup also included in their early sets. the entire first record is filled with an amazing extended version of ‘mandrake root’ (misspelled ‘mandrake road’ on the records labels). the second record starts off with another mk I cut, ‘wring that neck’ – a hell of a live number, you simply have to digg this! the b-side of the second lp features a medley of ‘black night’ and ‘paint it black’, also a real killer.

interesting links:
todopurple (deep purple rarities blog)
the deep purple appreciation society

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My personal guitar hero: Happy birthday to Ritchie Blackmore

today again is a special date (lots of those this year…) as it is the 65th birthday of the one and only, the real man in black, and my favourite rock guitarist of all time: ritchie blackmore.
his most famous group of course was deep purple, of whom he was a founding member and also some sort of leading figure. after that (neglecting dp reunions) there was rainbow, a hell of a rock group also, putting his enormous skills right in the center of attention and giving him the (solo) fame that he deserved long before. but just like other guitar giants like jeff beck or jimmy page blackmore began working as a session musician as a teenager in the early sixties, and this he did quite well to say the least, and it is incredible on how many recordings of the time he can be heard – and often those are songs you would NEVER expect to be related to deep purple, sometimes of the kind that even i would despise (although i usually have a liking for pop-trash). those early session works were brought together and released on a two-disc set titled ‘getaway’ after an …

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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Episode Six: Here, There And Everywhere / Mighty Morris Ten (1966)

another oddity after my twist-lp: have you ever heard ian gillan, singer of hard rocking deep purple, sing a sweet melodic beatles cover? well, heres your chance! from 1965 right until joining purples second incarnation in summer 1969, episode six was the group that gillan and his mate roger glover (who also was a founding member) were part of, as lead singer and bass player respectively. they only relased a couple of singles and played a few times at the bbc (once filling in for pink floyd who didnt appear for playing), but never scored any major hits, just minor goodies like i can see through you (which surprisingly is no beatles cover but a self-penned number). due to that theyre mainly known to deep purple fans and collectors, otherwise rather remain a british beat obscurity. with their music they covered up various styles and genres popular at the time, from beat to pop to psychedelic.
here we hear their pop-side: please enjoy gillans beautiful, sophisitcated vocals on the lennon-mccartney cover a-side, here there and everywhere. especially if songs like fireball, bloodsucker or other rock numbers from that period are coming up your mind, youll be more …

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