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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Colin Blunstone: Wonderful / Beginning (1973)

a lot musicians birthdays today! after ive missed out some birthdays last week (paul mccartney (68) on the 18th june, rod argent (65) on the 14th june) – mainly because i dont have any records by them that i could post – it even hard to catch up today, as on the 24th june three 60s heroes were born: first, arthur brown and jeff beck, who were born on the same day in 1944, and of course colin blunstone of the zombies, who became 65 today.
now about this record: although the a-side is written by zombies songwriters rod argent and chris white, and the b-side penned by blunstone himself, both sides do not sound like zombies songs at all (but keep in mind theres nine years between this record an the zombies initial hit ‘shes not there’) – but it is blunstones distinctive, clear voice that is at once recognizable and will inevitably remind one of those fresh, bright 60s pop songs. both ‘wonderful’ and ‘beginning’ are slow light-weight pop ballads, the first going right into the synth sound typical for the early-mid 70s. the b-side is a better though, so all in all this record …

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