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Monday, 31 May 2010

Chicago: I’m A Man Part 1 / I’m A Man Part 2 (1969)

to continue from the spencer davis group, heres a cover of one of their most famous songs, ‘im a man’ – not to be confused with the song written by bo diddley with the same title: the bo diddley one is the one with “im a man, i spell M-A-N” and this one is “im a man, yes i am and i cant help but love you so”. just to reduce confusion!
chicago were a rock group from the city with the same name, and their version of this song is much slower and longer than the original, but in a way also a little boring. but this is also due to the poor sound quality (scratchy vinyl, sorry) we have here, so it is not really possible to fully enjoy this record. but just take it as an example of what different stuff can be made out of one and the same song.

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