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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Champion Jack Dupree: Blues From The Gutter (1959)

today id like to proudly present to you my newest arrival, an original first pressing of champrion jack duprees debut album: ‘blues from the gutter’, released in 1959 as atlantic 8019. i say proudly present, because this isnt only a really fine blues record, it is also nearly perfectly preserved copy concerning its age of over fifty years. theres virtually no noise, no cracks and pops on the digital copy i made of it – as it says on the rear cover, high fidelity!
dupree – who got his nickname “champion” when boxing to make a living when he couldnt live on music alone – was a famous blues pianist and would habe been a hundred years old in july, but as his birth date is uncertain we cant be sure about that of course. just in the pre-WW II barrelhouse style that dupree came up with, this album mainly contains slow blues tracks. my personal favourite is ‘nasty boogie’ because it a little more driving.
but perhaps most interesting about this album are the liner notes, which give us a little insight into duprees extraordinary life – and the drug references in his music.

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