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Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Box Tops: I Shall Be Released / I Must Be The Devil (1969)

i wanted to post this 45 some time anyway, but now theres a very recent and also very sad reason for me to post it. this week, on the 17th march alex chilton, singer of the box tops and later of big star, died of a hart attack at the age of just 59. so as a tribute to him heres a late single by the box tops (i dont need to mention it, but of course you all know the letter) from 1969. you can see alex on the very left in the picture above.
the a-side of course is a dylan cover, not of surprising quality or ingenuinity, but the b-side shows a not-as-much expected side of the box tops, the rather bluesy self-penned song i must be the devil (sorry for the scratches at the beginning) is a slow blues number with a certain r&b; appeal that id never have expected from that group. the vocals are undeniably the same as on the letter, but its an entirely different kind of music – and keep in mind this guy was only 18 at the time!
so much for that, lets hope the poor …

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