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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The 70th Bob-day


happy birthday, mr. dylan!

the voice of a generation – well, maybe not literally, but he sure is one of the most important songwriters, poets, philosophers and public figures of the 20th century. virtually everyone knows his name, and the number of his fans speaks for itself.
born in duluth, minnesota on the 24th may 1941 as robert allen zimmerman, his parents abram and beatrice additionally gave him the hebrew name shabtai zisel ben avraham. when he became 18 years old he first called himself bob dylan, with reference to the welsh poet dylan thomas.
just like the typical 1950s teenager he first listened to rock n roll, reportedly elvis, little richard and chuck berry. soon he found folk music to be more interesting – more serious and not as superficial as rock n roll. his favourite singer/songwriter became woody guthrie, and he learned to play all his songs.
dylan then went to new york and released his first lp in early 1962, which was simply titled ‘bob dylan’ and only contained two self-penned songs. his next album would provide the 1960s pacifist hymn, or maybe even his most famous song over all: ‘blowin …

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