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Monday, 9 August 2010

Q65: Sexy Legs / There Was A Day (1970)

its quite a while ago now that i posted some nederbeat here, right? so here we go with another record by my favourite dutch rockers q65. although this still is “neder” it is not really beat anymore, neither id call it garage rock.
the a-side is a solid, driving blues rock number, that gets a lot of its drive from bielers rough vocals like from the first garage recordings four years ago. a tough number, five stars worth!
the flipside, ‘there was a day’, is much more sophisticated. a slow, pensive ballad about changes in life and the challenges of marriage – that become easy with the supporting power of love: “and i like it, because my wife, is very good for me.” very beautiful, and of course also five stars worth. dig it!

additional info on this record and reviews from readers

Finally got ’round to listening to this. The a side is a good blues-rocker for sure, but it’s the b-side I find so striking — rock-n’rollers celebrating marriage while acknowledging it’s difficulty! Rather unusual! The first minute is very much English …

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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Jeff Beck: Tallyman / Rock My Plimsoul (1967)

following the jeff beck concert report heres the second one of his two only solo singles between his time with the yardbirds and the jeff beck group. the special thing about this 45 and the other one (‘hi ho silver lining’ / ‘becks bolero’) is that beck is (rumored to be) singing the vocals himself for the first time. beck had been one of the highly acclaimed session guitarists in the mid 1960s, alongside jimmy page. if one of them doesnt play on a (any) record of this time, you can almost be sure the other one contributed to it. finally page had replaced beck as the lead guitarist of the famous group the yardbirds (who before beck had eric clapton on lead guitar), after a short while with both of them being in the group simultaneously. after leaving the yardbirds beck started the (perhaps) even more famous jeff beck group, with giants like rod stewart, ron wood, nicky hopkins, aynsley dunbar and others, and became very successful. he continues this success to this day with his solo carrier.
now about this record: the a-side is a very nice, typical mid 60s pop/rock number, that can be …

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Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Box Tops: I Shall Be Released / I Must Be The Devil (1969)

i wanted to post this 45 some time anyway, but now theres a very recent and also very sad reason for me to post it. this week, on the 17th march alex chilton, singer of the box tops and later of big star, died of a hart attack at the age of just 59. so as a tribute to him heres a late single by the box tops (i dont need to mention it, but of course you all know the letter) from 1969. you can see alex on the very left in the picture above.
the a-side of course is a dylan cover, not of surprising quality or ingenuinity, but the b-side shows a not-as-much expected side of the box tops, the rather bluesy self-penned song i must be the devil (sorry for the scratches at the beginning) is a slow blues number with a certain r&b; appeal that id never have expected from that group. the vocals are undeniably the same as on the letter, but its an entirely different kind of music – and keep in mind this guy was only 18 at the time!
so much for that, lets hope the poor …

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Sunday, 28 February 2010

After Tea: A Little Bit Today, A Little Bit Tomorrow / Blues Ride (1969)

the last dutch nugget for tonight, heres a killer 45 by late 60s after tea. the a-side is a quite elaborated number that alternates between almost sinister psychedelic guitar licks and somewhat more popish vocals. not 100%, but still a very good song.
the b-side, however knocks it all off. a slow, killing blues number that continues that “sinister” feeling that i described the a-sides guitar theme with. a six minutes psychedelic blues blaster, this stuff is well worth checking out, as it comes very close to the style of brainbox and such likes, definitely far away from lemon coloured honey tree and showing the bands developement away from beat and sunshine pop toward some harder and more progressive sounds.
so much for now, you may expect slightly less posts from now on as my holidays are over and my studies start again, so free time is limited now, as is my time for working on this blog. please come and visit the site despite that, i will not be gone completely! see you next weekend with some mixed-bag stuff…

interesting links:
after tea on myspace
after tea on …

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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Brainbox: Down Man / Summertime / Dark Rose (1969)

in addition to the epic album posted here before, heres a three-track-ep by dutch brain-busters brainbox (dont be confused by the “maxi single” writing on the cover, this is a 7″ ep). the most important track here, as it is the only non-lp track, is down man, the opening number. it is slow, it is intense and its just haunting, sure one of their best songs ever. the guitar work in this track is just how id define psychedelic – unworldly, surreal and seemingly levitiating it flows into your mind like a gentle, uplifting (acoustic) trip. the singers high and desperately screaming vocals add some emotional effect to this amazing composition.
i see i am drifting away in high praises, but please do listen to it and enjoy it yourself. i wont discuss the other two tracks, because as the vinyl showed some weird behavior while playing those (because the whole in the middle of the record wasnt punched corretly it would lurch around on the turntable producing an awful yowling sound – i just wonder why the first track played without any problem). for this reason i took the other two tracks from the rip of …

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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Brainbox: Brainbox (1969)

i have announced this quite a few times, but finally here it is – and certainly one of my personal favourite albums, so i hope you will appreciate it as much as i do. i may proudly present you one of the finest pieces of vintage dutch psych, the lone and selftitled album by brainbox, the group that made jan akkerman famous. as i already said this is a hell of an album and this rip is especially gorgeous as the vinyl has virtually no scratches at all and you can enjoy a very clean and fantastic sound.
brainbox are mainly remembered for their cover of george gershwins summertime, included on this lp as ‘summertime (from “porgy and bess”)’, that appears on many psych compilations nowadays. there are countless cover versions of that song, almost every band has played it and mostly also recorded it. brainbox version (which you can also find on the TFR jukebox) is slow, organ driven and has a deep and capturing atmosphere – a real masterpiece that you should not miss! another really fantastic track on this album is the opening number, dark rose. more vivid than summertime and almost ferocious it …

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