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Friday, 3 September 2010

He Went Up the Country

 Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson

4th July 1943 – 3rd September 1970
today it is exactly fourty years ago that the lead singer, guitarist, composer and band leader of canned heat, alan ‘blind owl’ wilson tragically entered the so-called “club 27”. his life ended with drugs, like that of so many other musicians. just a year before the band had gained world fame with their legendary performance of ‘going up the country’ at woodstock. canned heat helped shaping the genre that is known as “boogie rock” from the first hour on, while never leaving the vintage path of their raw bluesrock roots. their most famous and widely remembered songs, like the aforementioned one, or evergreens like ‘on the road again’ (see video below), ‘poor moon’, ‘human condition’ and others lived from wilsons high and clear voice – the groups trademark until his premature death four decades ago.

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