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Monday, 21 May 2012

R.I.P. Robin Gibb

 Robin Hugh Gibb

22nd December 1949 – 20th May 2012

what a sad thing to learn, although it was clearly obvious that this was to come soon. it scares me a little that robin was the same age as my own dad (who is still alive and well), with just two months difference.
this is my favourite bee gees song, and as you might have guessed, its not from the disco era :-) the vocals are so fantastic that even my old grandfather, who really disliked “the young people’s” pop music, is said to have liked this song. anyhow, enjoy:

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Velvett Fogg: Velvett Fogg (1969)

heres one of my VERY favourite albums, one that i wanted to post for a long time. the original vinyl was quite difficult to get, i was observing ebay auctions for a while and noticed that even canadian pressings of this (originally british) lp changed hands for some money. so i was pretty happy to get this original uk pressing for less than fifty quid.
if youve already heard of the group named velvett fogg than you do know the album too and maybe just stop reading here. if NOT, you MUST read on! so lets start with the track that makes this album so incredibly fantastic, the unbelievably awesome opening track ‘yellow cave woman’. seven-minute psychedelic brain eruption on the repetitive beats of doom, the organ from minds rock bottom. this song is such a blast, it still is too short and im sad every time its over. it may take several times listening to it until you like it, but dont give up, its awesome as hell. heres what fogg-songwriter keith law has to say about this great song:
I wrote this song and it’s guitar riff back in 1967. It was about a …

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Robin Gibb: One Million Years / Weekend (1969)

to serve you some sweet pop ballads once more, here we go with a late 60s solo effort of twin-bee gee robin gibb which was his second non-bee gees release. as you can see with my rating above, i dont really like this 45, in fact i didnt even buy it. it was part of a collection that i “inherited” from my cousin, who gave me all his hard rock, prog rock, kraut rock etc records, ranging from wishbone ash to deep purple and camel – so you can guess how surprised if not shocked i was when i found this record when flipping through the singles he gave me! anyhow, i dont know if this is a rarity or not, or if there are bee gees fans around who will appreciate it – i still thought it was worth posting it, because although it is quite trashy, this trashyness has some kind of appeal that might make you like it in some ironic way; so do i think at least.
now about the music: the a-side with the epic title (ill wait for you for) one million years is the weaker part of this record, a …

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