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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Way Down in New Orleans…


happy birthday to eric burdon, who is 70 today.

though rather short in physical appearance, this man is one of the biggest living legends on music history, most notably of course in the british invasion. mostly known for his early years with the animals, of whom he was the singer and a founding member, he continued to be successful with his band war – a 180 degrees turn from the style of the animals.
he still tours today and i was lucky enough to see him live last summer, and witness that he hasnt lost any of his bold personality or his amazing voice.
but for now an all time classic, a song that is stuck in my head all day today. and to this day the animals version of this traditional folk song is the most well-known one: house of the rising sun. incredible how such a deep and rich voice could come out of such a (then) boyish young man… listen and get goosebumps:

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