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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ruth Brown: Rock & Roll (1957)

as promised, heres the debut album of famous r&b / blues singer ruth brown. i was lucky enough to get an original copy from ’57, which makes it one of the oldest lps in my collection (naturally, all the 10″ shellac records i have are even older of course). it also is one of my favorite lps and now i will tell you why:
first of all, i like the a-side much better than the b-side. the latter contains some slow and sentimental songs like ‘sentimental journey’ (see), ‘old man river’ and ‘oh what a dream’, which are not really my cup of tea. the rest of the b-side still is good, solid r&b and a showcase for ruths beautiful voice – BUT, the a-side of this records just kicks ass, believe me! it takes a while to get hot (the opening number ‘lucky lips’ was one of ruths big hits, but personally i dont find it very interesting), but when the third track, ‘wild wild young men’, kicks off you soon will be in the mood for singing, clapping and dancing. the following number, ‘daddy daddy’ (which i also put on my ‘blues & boogie’ compilation), …

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Velvett Fogg: Velvett Fogg (1969)

heres one of my VERY favourite albums, one that i wanted to post for a long time. the original vinyl was quite difficult to get, i was observing ebay auctions for a while and noticed that even canadian pressings of this (originally british) lp changed hands for some money. so i was pretty happy to get this original uk pressing for less than fifty quid.
if youve already heard of the group named velvett fogg than you do know the album too and maybe just stop reading here. if NOT, you MUST read on! so lets start with the track that makes this album so incredibly fantastic, the unbelievably awesome opening track ‘yellow cave woman’. seven-minute psychedelic brain eruption on the repetitive beats of doom, the organ from minds rock bottom. this song is such a blast, it still is too short and im sad every time its over. it may take several times listening to it until you like it, but dont give up, its awesome as hell. heres what fogg-songwriter keith law has to say about this great song:
I wrote this song and it’s guitar riff back in 1967. It was about a …

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Monday, 25 October 2010

The Moody Blues: The Magnificent Moodies (1965)

alright folks, all the pictures have been uploaded successfully, so here we go with the next record. i bought this record as a primary issue (first pressing), but as it turned out it is a re-pressing (wine red decca label, thus must be post 1970). however, this at least provides us a perfect crystal clear sound quality on this beautiful mono LP.
i dont think i have to introduce the group a lot, as virtually EVERYONE knows nights in white satin – but here we have the moodys debut record, still recorded with their first singer denny laine (later replaced by justin hayward, who sang their famous no 1 hit). so you can expect typical british invasion, mid-60s pop beat stuff, with some nice r&b; influences.
i must admit that i like the a-side much better than the b-side, although it contains mostly cover songs while the b-side has all the original denny laine / mike pinder songs on it.
however, on the a-side we have beautiful, grooving renditions of james browns ill go crazy and i dont mind (with mike pinder on vocals), chris kenners something you got and of course the moodys break-trough …

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Champion Jack Dupree: Blues From The Gutter (1959)

today id like to proudly present to you my newest arrival, an original first pressing of champrion jack duprees debut album: ‘blues from the gutter’, released in 1959 as atlantic 8019. i say proudly present, because this isnt only a really fine blues record, it is also nearly perfectly preserved copy concerning its age of over fifty years. theres virtually no noise, no cracks and pops on the digital copy i made of it – as it says on the rear cover, high fidelity!
dupree – who got his nickname “champion” when boxing to make a living when he couldnt live on music alone – was a famous blues pianist and would habe been a hundred years old in july, but as his birth date is uncertain we cant be sure about that of course. just in the pre-WW II barrelhouse style that dupree came up with, this album mainly contains slow blues tracks. my personal favourite is ‘nasty boogie’ because it a little more driving.
but perhaps most interesting about this album are the liner notes, which give us a little insight into duprees extraordinary life – and the drug references in his music.

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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Eddie Cochran: Singin’ To My Baby (HA-U2093) (1958)

after celebrating the 50th anniversary of the passing of buddy holly, ritchie valens and the big bopper last year, today is the day that, also 50 years ago, a musician who was very close to them passed away aswell. close to them, as a friend, as a just as highly acclaimed rock n roll star, and as a rock musician who was just as greatly influential on generations of artists up to now – who had to die much too young, just as the three. eddie cochran not only has a special place in music history, helping to make rock n roll and rockabilly what it eventually became, he has a special place in this blog, as of course the title ‘twenty flight rock’ is a tribute to one of my favourite 50s rock n rollers, if not the favourite one at all.

as eddie died so very young he did not produce many records during his lifetime, just about a dozen of 45s and a single lp – singin to my baby, released in late 1957. original pressings of course are extremely hard to track down and extremely expensive aswell, but i was very …

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Friday, 16 April 2010

Deep Purple: Sitar (Bootleg, circa 1970)

as i promised, heres some really heavy duty hard rock stuff to complete my tribute to ritchie blackmores birthday before honoring another great rock star tomorrow.
the date this double lp bootleg was recorded is unknown, but as it is a mk II recording it must have been between 1970 and 1972, more likely around 1970, as it features two numbers from the usual mk I set that the famous gillan/glover lineup also included in their early sets. the entire first record is filled with an amazing extended version of ‘mandrake root’ (misspelled ‘mandrake road’ on the records labels). the second record starts off with another mk I cut, ‘wring that neck’ – a hell of a live number, you simply have to digg this! the b-side of the second lp features a medley of ‘black night’ and ‘paint it black’, also a real killer.

interesting links:
todopurple (deep purple rarities blog)
the deep purple appreciation society

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Monday, 5 April 2010

The Flamin’ Groovies: Supersnazz (1969)

well this is a bit late for easter now, but heres the biiig surprise that i had announced before – and it also is something that i always wanted to post here, because it is one of the most brilliant albums of all time.
most of the tracks were written by the groups lead vocalist roy loney, but the few covers we have on this record are fantastic aswell. the flamin groovies are mostly famous for their 1976 hit ‘shake some action’ (co-produced by dave edmunds), but this was wayyyyy after this masterpiece here came out – and totally different music, as the aforementioned loney left the group in 1971 and was repleaced by chris wilson, who lead the group to the height of their success five years later but changing their style completely.
however, a real mixed-bag of styles, this is one of the 10 essential albums that id take with me on a robinson-crusoe island if i had to decide something like that. i was lucky to grab a perfectly preserved, original copy at ebay (printed in holland though), so you can enjoy a sheer marvelous sound quality here! now lets get down to …

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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Michel Polnareff: Sous Quelle Étoile Suis-Je Né? (1966)

TFR goes french again! this lp has also been announced many times before, but here it finally is. i must admit that i cheated a little with this record, as the vinyl i ripped it from is in fact a 1979 reissue, the first volume of a polnareff reissue series focusing on his early work (catalogue no is stec 290 on the AZ label, which also released the original polnareff records). i am sorry but theres a little noise on the tracks, the vinyl was not in perfect shape when i recieved it. the cover picture is identical, except that the reissue has polnareffs name on it additionally, in the top left corner, which i removed on the cover scan so that it looks exactly like the ’66 original. the tracklist differs just a little, track 7, ballade pour un puceau, is not featured on the original lp but on this one – so you dont miss anything, you get something extra!
no about the music on this lovely record: the title track is a smooth and calm ballad with some energetic moments, just in the style of the ep i posted before. and just as before …

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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Brainbox: Brainbox (1969)

i have announced this quite a few times, but finally here it is – and certainly one of my personal favourite albums, so i hope you will appreciate it as much as i do. i may proudly present you one of the finest pieces of vintage dutch psych, the lone and selftitled album by brainbox, the group that made jan akkerman famous. as i already said this is a hell of an album and this rip is especially gorgeous as the vinyl has virtually no scratches at all and you can enjoy a very clean and fantastic sound.
brainbox are mainly remembered for their cover of george gershwins summertime, included on this lp as ‘summertime (from “porgy and bess”)’, that appears on many psych compilations nowadays. there are countless cover versions of that song, almost every band has played it and mostly also recorded it. brainbox version (which you can also find on the TFR jukebox) is slow, organ driven and has a deep and capturing atmosphere – a real masterpiece that you should not miss! another really fantastic track on this album is the opening number, dark rose. more vivid than summertime and almost ferocious it …

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

George Harrison: Wonderwall Music (Soundtrack – German Pressing) (1968)

as today is the 25th february once again, heres something in honour of george harrison, who would have turned 67 today. we all know he sadly passed away on the 29th november 2001, aged just 58 – but for now lets remember one of the most charismatic and coolest beatles and indulge in this interesting and somewhat obscure solo effort. in fact this lp is not obscure at all, as it already has been rereleased on cd and can be found lots of times on music blogs around the web, but it is rather unknown outside the circle of die-hard beatles fans. wonderwall music was the soundtrack to a film called wonderwall, and it also was the first solo record of a beatle during the lifetime of the band. i wont say too much about the album now, as theres plenty of info on this record on the web (just try google if you want to know more), and i dont want just to copy what others already said.
the reason i posted this lp anyway are, again, the high resolution cover scans, AND – and this is why i specially noted in the headline that it …

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Friday, 19 February 2010

Fats & The Chessmen: Come On Everybody – Let’s Do The Twist (1964)

something very different here: 50s twist and respective instrumentals revived in the mid-sixties. first of all: NO, this is NOT fats domino. fats and the chessmen were a kind of coverband, deriving from the american 101 strings orchestra. these belonged to a group of labels (miller records, and in germany somerset and europa) that produced records in any vein popular at a time, from waltz to beat to psych. musicians in those groups and orchestra constantly changed while the name 101 strings remained over 10-15 years, in which millions of records were sold. this record is a german copy from the somerset label. thanks a lot to jancy for giving me some info about this odd record!
now about this lp: whats so interesting about it is that it doesnt even sound like fats domino, not the least. the real fats wasnt even involved in twist, and this lp rather sounds like a chubby checker spoof instead. as it was just intended as some cheap dance music produced to bring some money, it isnt too sophisticated anyway, but it has its highlights – these are mainly the instrumental tracks because the vocals arent any good, imho. we …

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Friday, 29 January 2010

The Seekers: Come The Day (1966)

the seekers were a short lived australian pop group mainly famous for their hit georgy girl, which is also included on this lp. the title track which is opening the album, come the day, is a nice and cheery pop song with judith durham on lead vocals (which is the case on most of the albums tracks), who had a really good voice, especially when accompanied by here male band mades in vocal harmonies. other highlights on the a-side are the covers of red rubber ball and well well well, while the b-side, apart from the unevitable georgy girl (which is… well, ok. but the seekers are far more than youd expect from just that song – at least this is the experience that i made when first listening to this record) features some more well-known covers like the bealtes yesterday, pete seegers (or perhaps i should rather say rather the byrds) turn turn turn and california dreaming, which just adds to the overall impression of this album being a down-under version of the mamas and the papas.
the same year that come the day was released on the columbia label, the lp titled georgy girl appeared …

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Friday, 29 January 2010

Davy Jones: Davy Jones (1967)

yes, this is indeed THE davy jones, singer of the monkees. but as you can see above, i gave this album only three out of five stars, and this is even generously graded. compared to this record the monkees are something like evil, dirty hard rockers i guess. well, at least it is some sort of “cute”, as jones vocals are something between school-boy and comedy singer (not to forget about the definitely cute album cover – i guess if i was twelve or thirteen now, id definitely have a crush on him). highlights on this album are any old iron, which was perhaps the only success to emerge from it, a speedy little track, that even features some guitar work (i dont know by who), and the dylan cover it aint me babe. if you like soft pop ballads you might also enjoy tracks like theme for a new love or this bouquet. this album was definitely made for the younger teens at the time, especially because jones himself was only 21 when he recorded it (the record originally was released in 1965 (a year before he became a member of the monkees) as david jones on …

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

John Walker: If You Go Away (1967)

as promised before, here we go with some rare stuff related to the walker brothers: this is the first solo lp by john walker (born john maus – “the walker brothers” actually just was a stage name as none of them really are related to each other), one of only two that he recorded in the 1960s (he would eventually go on releasing albums some thirty years later). i have searched for this record on the net for quite a while but never found it, so this is probably the first time it is postet on a music blog.
i must admit that this is not exactly my taste of music (thus i only gave it a three-star-rating), but for fans of light and slow pop ballads it might be of interest. to me this record only is interesting because it is something of a rarity (please correct me if im wrong here, i just know that from my internet research). unfortunately the record (which i bought used) is in a very bad condition, and a couple of tracks on the a-side are almost inaudible. my skills in remastering vinyl rips werent sufficient to do anything about …

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