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Sunday, 28 February 2010

After Tea: A Little Bit Today, A Little Bit Tomorrow / Blues Ride (1969)

the last dutch nugget for tonight, heres a killer 45 by late 60s after tea. the a-side is a quite elaborated number that alternates between almost sinister psychedelic guitar licks and somewhat more popish vocals. not 100%, but still a very good song.
the b-side, however knocks it all off. a slow, killing blues number that continues that “sinister” feeling that i described the a-sides guitar theme with. a six minutes psychedelic blues blaster, this stuff is well worth checking out, as it comes very close to the style of brainbox and such likes, definitely far away from lemon coloured honey tree and showing the bands developement away from beat and sunshine pop toward some harder and more progressive sounds.
so much for now, you may expect slightly less posts from now on as my holidays are over and my studies start again, so free time is limited now, as is my time for working on this blog. please come and visit the site despite that, i will not be gone completely! see you next weekend with some mixed-bag stuff…

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Friday, 18 December 2009

After Tea: We Will Be There After Tea / Lemon Coloured Honey Tree (1967)

same country, new band. here we have a cute little record by a short-lived dutch group called after tea. theyre maybe not as outstanding as gtolden earring or q65 or perhaps shocking blue, BUT, what is so interesting about this single: the a-side we will be there after tea was recorded and successfully released by the spencer davis group a year later (it was to be their last hit before steve winwood left them for traffic, followed by blind faith with eric clapton), and as all that tea drinking stuff and so on is all so very british, i had always thought that the dutch guys covered that song from the spencer davis group and had named themselves after the song. now that i had this 45 in my own hands, i found out that the song is credited to hans van eijck and ray fenwick, and not winwood or any other member of the spencer davis group, and that it was released before the spencer davis / winwood version (the german beat group the rattles also released a version of that song in 1968, which makes it even more confusing).

so much about the …

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