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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

This Is John Walker: A Tribute featuring GARY WALKER


download PODCAST

here it is folks, last weeks tribute to john walker on 88.3 southern FM, as a downloadable podcast for those who – like me – werent able to listen to the show live (due to the time difference between europe and australia i unfortunately was at work when it aired).
but even on top of that, heres gary walkers response to nick, who did the show and gathered all the material for it:
Hi Nick “The Man” Black,
Well where do I start, I listened to your show and I want to tell you and 88.3 team how impressed myself and my family were with your John Walker Tribute. Everyone did a lot of home work and it showed. I haven’t even heard any of the early stuff that John and Judy did, so it was a real treat for me also.
I have done a lot of Radio but yours was one of the of the best, (must get a CD of it)
Once again, well done on the show, and if you need anything more that you would like me to do (Gary Walker …

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

John Walker Tribute


postponed to June 22
“Purple Haze” 88.3 Southern FM

next week on wednesday, in memory of the recently deceased john maus, there will be john walker special on 88.3 southern FM – a community radio station in melbourne, australia -, hosted by TFR friend nick black. the show will be from 8:00pm to 10:00pm (AEST), but it will be available as a podcast also.
dont miss it, there will be an interview with gary walker! and of course lots of music by the walker brothers and john walker solo recordings – including the two records you can find on this blog.

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