welcome to the twenty flight rock blog. this site is my personal tribute to the greatest decades the history of music has experienced: the late 50’s, the 60’s and early 70’s.
this is NO download blog. i decided to dedicate this blog to the passion of collecting vinyl, instead of providing rips of records that have been posted a thousand times before on other blogs. furthermore, the focus is not so much on musical reviews but on sharing my experiences as a (beginning) record collector, the information i have gathered so far, and what i have learned from mispurchases and other occasions.

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of course i appreciate comments a lot, and contributions from other bloggers or people who are interested aswell. if you got an idea how to improve this site just let me know.
special thanks go to leo lyons of ten years after, who inspired me to do this, alan escombe of the shake spears and fynn mccool, who (as much of an eddie cochran fan as i am) helped me find a title for this website.

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