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Saturday, 8 March 2014

My New HMV 101 Gramophone

it was in early december that i decided to look for a gramophone on ebay again. i wanted to have one for a couple of years by then, but most of my money went into records instead. and of course, with gramophones, you have to be lucky to get one for a decent price and in a decent condition.
to my surprise, during my first quick search i found a black HMV 101 on ebay starting at £110. i gave it a try, and to my even greater surprise i was the only bidder and won it for the starting price on 15th dec 2013.

the little device arrived by mail a couple of days later and i couldnt have been happier – it was SO beautiful! such a classy design, and looking absolutely fabulous even after some 80 years. of course i had already bought some steel needles and wanted to listen to some of the 78s that i had been collecting all the time without being able to play them.
even the original key for the lock was included!
as it turned out, the gramophone hadnt been serviced in …

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