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The Music Machine: (Turn On) The Music Machine (US 1966)

The Music Machine - (Turn On) The Music Machine 

Original Sound – OSR LPS 8875 (US)


one of my favourite garage rock-era albums of all time. i bought this lovely copy from an ebay seller in greece almost a year ago. not quite cheap but totally worthwhile. the cover has some faint ringwear, but thats all, otherwise both cover and record are near mint. just beautiful!
The Music Machine - (Turn On) The Music Machine 

this is the stereo version of the first issue. the mono version is rarer and more sought-after, thus also more expensive. when the mono version of a record is generally valued higher than the stereo version, it is often the case that the stereo version is “fake” stereo (recorded in mono and then re-processed with sometimes disputable results) and these fake stereo recordings mostly do sound crappy.
however, in this case i do not regret my buying decision, i’d take the stereo version again and i recommend it to everyone who wants to buy an original copy of this album.
the sound is clear, crisp and powerful. a high quality recording transferred onto high quality vinyl. this one is definitely one of the best-sounding records from the mid 60s in my collection!


The Music Machine - (Turn On) The Music Machine 

The Music Machine - (Turn On) The Music Machine 

unlike the groups second album, this first one contains quite a number of cover songs. they are not bad, dont get me wrong (especially this rendition ‘hey joe‘ is one of my favourite versions right after hendrix’), but what really rocks here is the self written material. first of all theres ‘talk talk‘, which is undoubtedly the groups most famous number.


A1 Talk Talk 1:56
A2 Trouble 2:11
A3 Cherry Cherry 3:12
A4 Taxman 2:33
A5 Some Other Drum 2:29
A6 Masculine Intuition 2:08
B1 The People in Me 2:53
B2 See See Rider 2:29
B3 Wrong 2:18
B4 96 Tears 2:17
B5 Come on in 2:54
B6 Hey Joe 4:12


The Music Machine - (Turn On) The Music Machine 

The Music Machine - (Turn On) The Music Machine 

along with the already mentioned ‘hey joe’ my favourite tracks from the album are ‘masculine intuition‘, ‘come on in‘ and ‘some other drum‘. listen to two of them here (well, this time in mono) and enjoy this milestone with the marvelous singing voice of the – sadly now deceased – sean bonniwell!
(as always: depending on the country from which you access the internet you may need a youtube-unblocker to watch this. try proxtube, it did the trick for me)

‘some other drum’:


‘hey joe’:


if you cant find an original copy for a decent price, there are several re-issues to chose from (because this album is so popular this list is far from being exhaustive): Impact – IMLP 4.00262 J from 1981 (coloured vinyl), Big Beat – WIK 17 from 1983, or Performance – PERF 397, from 1993.


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  1. avatar robert said:

    Great album! it sounds pretty good because they are REAL stereo versions

  2. so true, it sounds so much better than most of the mid 60s stereo records! :-)

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