Thursday, 28 November 2013



hi folks, this is the pile of records i took home from the record fair at the jaarbeurs in utrecht, netherlands, last saturday. i had spent all the money i took with me in less than three hours – what a great day :-)


The Balloon Farm
7″ A Question Of Temperature

USA  1967
The Barbarians
7″ Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl

LR 3308
USA 1965
The Changin’ Times
7″ How Is The Air Up There

USA 1965
The Count Five
LP Psychotic Reaction

Double Shot
USA 1966
Simon Dupree & The Big Sound
7″ Kites

GB 1967
7″ (promo) Tempe Arizona

USA 1969
Jerry Lee Lewis
7″ Great Balls Of Fire

London American Recordings
HLS 8529 (early 60s reissue)
GB 1958
Postively Thirteen O’clock
7″ Psychotic Reaction

USA 1967
The Rolling Stones
7″ Paint It Black

UDS 1979
Bob Seger & The Last Heard
7″ Persecution Smith

USA 1966
The Electric Prunes
LP Underground

USA 1967
The Standells
LP Try It

ST 5098
USA 1967
The Swamp Rats
7″ Psycho

Get Hip Archive Series
GHAS-21 (2003 reissue)
USA 1966
The Tidal Waves
7″ (promo) Farmer John

USA 1966
The Trolls
7″ Every Day And Every Night

USA 1966
Willie And The Red Rubber Band
LP We’re Comin’ Up
RCA Victor
USA 1969


definitely the best find of the day was the psychotic reaction LP by the count five. both cover and record are in a stunning near mint condition, and the record also plays near mint! what a blast :-)
i also had some nice chats with record dealers and enjoyed meeting some friends there. jaarbeurs days are definitely the best days to look forward to each year :-)

in other news, i finally received the two 7″ record racks from i-cubes (i first tried to order them about a year ago. the company would not reply to the several emails i sent them (on their website you can only order to UK mainland). then, after calling them on the phone, i received and paid their invoice on 9th october – and the racks arrived last week… too bad this is the only company manufacturing these things). i had ordered the white one two or three years before without any problems; very weird.
anyhow, now i can throw away all those shoe boxes i used as an interim solution and still have room for about 250 45s! :D


i also bought some 45s carrying cases, because in a nearby town there is now a regulars table for vinyl buffs at a place called ‘rekorder’. i have been there three or four times and its really nice – its not limited to any specific genres, everybody can bring their records and play them. this event is every second wednesday and i really like it, because its a nice way to share all the great music one has collected over the years :-)

and last but not least i am happy to tell you that there are now only 12 pages left to translate in my bachelor thesis. i might not finish them this year (lots of work to do at work…), but i will get very close :-)


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