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The End: Introspection (UK 1969)

The End - Introspection 

Decca – SKL – R 5.015 (France)


this is one of those albums i always wanted to have and have been looking for for a long time. although it is rather unknown generally, it enjoys great popularity among record collectors and aficionados of late 60s psych – and also die-hard rolling stones fans, as it was produced by bill wyman (no need to introduce this guy ;-)).
the original UK pressings (Decca LK-R 5015) are ridiculously expensive, so they were never an option for me. the US pressings (London PS 560) are more common and affordable, but I hate those silver covers – they look terrible unless theyre in mint condition, and you rarely find those. apart from that, the white cover design simply looks much better to me. i had seen a french pressing of this album in jaarbeurs, utrecht in april for sale for about 320 euros. still a prohibitive price for me keeping in mind its not from the country the music and the group originated from.

The End - Introspection 

The End - Introspection 

a couple of months ago this copy turned up on ebay for less than a third (!) of that, with ‘buy it now’ option. soon it was mine and when it arrived i was very happy. the water mark on the rear cover is virtually the only flaw this copy has, the vinyl is in excellent condition and plays very well on my thorens TD 160B.
the flipback cover is made of the typical thin cardboard, it is laminated on the front and unlaminated on the rear side. the look and feel of the cover is so much closer to the UK pressing than to the US one, that i would say a french pressing of this album makes a nice and affordable substitute for the UK issue – for the not-so-filthy-rich ones among us collectors :-)

The End - Introspection 

The End - Introspection 

A1 Dreamworld 4:16
A2 Under the Rainbow 3:47
A3 Shades of Orange 2:39
A4 Bromley Common 0:49
A5 Cardboard Watch 2:54
A6 Introspection, Part 1 4:01
B1 What Does It Feel Like 2:47
B2 Linen Draper 0:13
B3 Don’t Take Me 3:25
B4 Loving, Sacred Loving 2:58
B5 She Said Yeah 2:50
B6 Jacob’s Bladder 0:55
B7 Introspection, Part 2 2:42


however, i hadnt listened to this album for quite a while when i bought this record, so it was just after i had played it that i noticed there was something wrong with the tracklisting. the tracks on the cover and on the labels didnt match, as there were three tracks missing on the labels (A4 bromley common, B2 linen draper and B6 jacobs bladder), and not just that – they were missing on the record as well! those tracks are just fillers and i dont like them a lot, so its not too bad for me, but this whole thing kept me from sleeping at night for weeks!
i checked and checked again, but cover and record definitely belonged together as they have the same cat. no. you can see the difference here:


The End - Introspection 

unfortunately neither the seller nor my record dealer could tell me if it is supposed to be like that for the french pressing of introspection or not. searching the internet (as of now) did not help to solve the mystery; nobody else has taken pictures of the french introspection labels so far (or i couldnt find them). at the time of writing this i rely on the statements of two of my experienced collector friends who said they assume this actually is the correct french first pressing. 

any further information is more than welcome!


but for now, lets dive into the incense-laden spheres of this most pleasurable masterpiece of soft psychedelic pop! it was hard to decide which of the songs to put here, but i hope you will enjoy my selection:
(as always: depending on the country from which you access the internet you may need a youtube-unblocker to watch this. try proxtube, it did the trick for me)

‘under the rainbow’:


‘what does it feel like’:


as i said, for collectors who cant afford the UK issue und dont like the US issue, the french one seems to be a good alternative. for people who like vinyl but dont insist on vintage copies, theres a 2008 reissue of this album on tapestry records with cat.no TPT 208.
and for all other listeners there are several CD reissues to choose from, for instance this one.

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