Tuesday, 24 September 2013

What I’ve been doing all the time


i cant believe it is almost five months since the last time i wrote a new post here… well i did not entirely spend those five months twiddling my thumbs. with kind assistance from a native-speaking friend, i started translating my paper about vinyl records into english. i had written this paper in order to get my bachelors degree, which i had finally achieved in april (writing it actually took me half a year, and i thought translating it would take less time – i could not have been more wrong, haha! well, the fact that there is no deadline for this project and that i am still working fulltime might also slighty affect how long this is taking :-)).
of course i am not only translating this paper, but i am also correcting all the formal and content-related mistakes i can find, and i try to improve it in general. in the picture below you can see how far ive gotten by now. 48 pages are translated, and 42 are still left:


i have also been tidying up my record collection by moving it into another room and completely re-organizing it – now everything is in alphabetical order and easier to find thanks to sturdy dividers in every shelf :-)
of course i will try to keep up with the blog posts again, but i cant promise it. its hard enough for me to find time to actually listen to my records these days! :-)


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